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Two more pumpkin rows

I managed to get two more rows finished on my Heartstrings pumpkin last night before we shut down all the power on the PCs etc and hid in our bedrooms for the rest of the night.  We had a horrendous lightning storm last night that had the room lit up for most of the night and so close you could hear the sizzle of the strikes before the main crack of the lightning and booming thunder … to say I wasn’t particularly enjoying myself last night would be an understatement!  Anyway, I still managed to get some decent sleep, and the PCs etc are all working this morning so the power spikes don’t appear to have done any damage thank goodness.  And on that note, here’s my latest stitching progress (our boss made us go home early yesterday afternoon due to the storm and impending hail that was about to descend – didn’t have to ask me twice, it gave me more stitching time at home haha) 🙂


1 thought on “Two more pumpkin rows”

  1. Lovely!! Beautiful stitching, stitches and colors. Might be tempted to add this one to my To Do list. 🙂
    Anyone special arrive in a tiny box yet?

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