It’s Annette’s Fault!

Thanks to Annette posting her piccies of Halloween prize draws, I spied a little rubber Vampire duck in one of the photos … OF COURSE I had to run straight to Ebay to track one down myself … so the following is all on Annette’s head!

It’s not identical to Annette’s one, but it comes along with other Halloween friends, and I just aodre them!!! 😀  (If you’re in Australia and you want to buy your own, check out this Ebay seller.)

And these others just decided to come along for the ride … haha. I intend having a regular little seasonal display on my side table next to my stitching chair throughout the year, and what could be better than adding a duckie or two in each display??  Do I need them?  No, I don’t … Do I love them???  Oh Yes, I do!!!! Where ducks are concerned, I refuse to ever grow up 😀

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