Star-struck (picture heavy!!)

Yesterday it was the 90th Birthday celebration for my employers – and staff and family were able to get free tickets to an Open Day at the Sydney Jet Base.  Unfortunately the weather was dreadful and the rain affected a lot of the offering on the day such as food stalls etc, but we had the opportunity to climb onboard a number of different aircraft and enjoy some live music throughout the day … and of course the SPECIAL highlight was when John Travolta flew his Boeing 707 to join us for the day.  It was a real treat to see his plane taxi up to the crowds and watch him climb out of the plane in his pilot’s uniform.

Our CEO did the official opening speech, but John Travolta stole his thunder pretty quickly … JT gave a wee speech which was lovely, then he cut the 90th birthday cake and we all sang along to the Happy Birthday song with JT leading the group.  Quite frankly it was a really special day, and one that will always remain as a true highlight for me … even the pouring rain didn’t hinder our enjoyment that much, and thankfully the main pelt-down waited until seconds after JT was whisked away after signing autographs and having photos taken with some lucky staff members.

Here are a few token photos from the day – if you want to see more, you can check out my Webshots album (yeah, there is a bit of overkill with JT LOL).

P1040259 - Copy

John Travolta, Qantas Ambassador at Large

John Travolta, Qantas Ambassador at Large

John Travolta, Qantas Ambassador at Large

John Travolta, Qantas Ambassador at Large

A380 on display

P1040246 - Copy

P1040249 - Copy

P1040262 - Copy

P1040271 - Copy

P1040277 - Copy

P1040280 - Copy

P1040284 - Copy

P1040285 - Copy

P1040307 - Copy

Then last night we had an early Christmas drinks party in Newtown – it was an entertaining end to a wonderful day, especially as my absolutely favourite person from work (or ex-colleague to be exact) was there, and it’s always a treat to catch up with him.  All-in-all a blissful day … and today I intend to put a couple of stitches into ‘something’ while I catch up on some TV, I just can’t decide what to put stitches into! 😛

4 thoughts on “Star-struck (picture heavy!!)

  1. Oooooo – how do I get one of those Qantas t-shirts? I love them!

    Happy 90th birthday to Qantas – it looks like they threw a pretty good birthday party! Nice pictures!

  2. That looks like a fantastic day! You got some great shots of JT. I flew Qantas to and from Australia 8 years ago when I travelled there and they remain one of the best airlines I’ve ever flown.

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