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Dark Lover and a Simple Sampler

The joys of having a public holiday today means today I could be totally selfish and lazy and not get out of bed or get dressed until the afternoon!  Instead I spent the morning reading half of J.R. Ward’s “Dark Lover” and getting it finished … and have to admit I’m looking forward to book number 2 of this series, “Lover Eternal”.

After being relatively disappointed with the Twilight vampire series, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this book … although with the ‘adult’ scenes, it certainly isn’t comparing apples with apples with the Twilight series … I think the only similarity is that they both contain vampires!  It’s taken me literally a couple of months to read this book, mainly because I keep putting my stitching first – I get the impression from the end of the book, though, that my book reading may soon have to take a priority on the odd weekend and my stitching will have to take a back seat!  That’s the only downside to reading a ‘real’ paperback, I can’t do both of my passions at the same time 😛

The rest of the morning has been spent finishing off my Sweetheart Tree project that I started last night – it took longer than expected, as I’d forgotten just how much of a nightmare all that backstitching is … but worth it in the long run!  I managed to watch 4 episodes of The Ghost Whisperer (3rd season) while I stitched.  Sorry for the crappy photo, as it certainly doesn’t show up the nice warm buttery linen!

Sweetheart Tree-A Simple Sampler
“A Simple Sampler” (kit) by The Sweetheart Tree
stitched on 32ct cream Belfast linen
with DMC threads and Mill Hill petite beads

Offer:  Seeing as I’ll never ever stitch this one again, I’m happy to offer up the chart to anyone who wants it.  If you leave a comment in this post that you’d like to go into the draw for this chart, I’ll draw a name out at the end of the week.  I’ll also send the leftover beads – I’m pretty sure there are enough left over to complete the project again.

Now it’s time to finally shake off the cobwebs and jump in the shower and get dressed – I need to pop over the road to the supermarket to buy supplies to bake some banana muffins … then it’ll almost be time for bed again LOL.

12 thoughts on “Dark Lover and a Simple Sampler”

  1. I just LOVE your work … it’s a treat to see what you’ve done! THANKS for sharing! ~ Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne 🙂 In the past I’ve given many of my charts away, but these days I’ve been piling them up to eventually put up for sale on Ebay – I’ve had my Sale/Trade blog for a while where I used to put charts up available for trade, but has never been much response, hence the reason I’ve decided to throw them on Ebay one day. Of course some of the charts I’ve had on loan from friends too, so they’re not mine to do anything with once they’ve been stitched, as they’ve gone back to my friend 🙂

  2. That is very pretty Anne. I do love those fancy stitches and the colours are my favourites.

    Don’t put me in the draw though because I dont think things like that look anywhere near as good on aida which is why I dont tend to stitch them myself.

  3. Ohhhh I’ve been wondering about this series. My husband thinks I’m a weirdo for reading Vampire Romance books…lol! Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo walking around 🙂

  4. A-ha, I’ve tracked you down again!! 🙂 I’ve been a terrible blogger over the past year or so…but I’m trying to be better….

    I love that little Sweetheart Tree design. Your finish is lovely! (And now I’m envisioning it finished into a cute little flat-fold standing on the bookshelves in my daughter’s room!) Yep, you can put my name in the hat for the pattern.

  5. Oh yes, Rhage will definitely want to be a priority until you finish his story… and then you’ll want the next one ready to go 🙂

    Lovely sampler!! Please do put my name in the drawing!

  6. Congrats on the finish! As one of the many who really enjoyed the twilight series, I’m always game for another vampire book, lol! Might have to track these ones down myself.

  7. That looks so lovely and delicate! I’d love a chance to stitch it myself! Thanks for your generosity!


  8. Oh hon, please toss my name in the hat. I love Sweetheart Tree and that one is beautiful.
    You will love the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I did nothing for nearly a month until I read all 7. I devoured them so fast, I am going to read them again in case I missed one steamy word LOL

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