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Happy Dance

Yay, I finally have a happy dance with my finish of Just Nan’s Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls. It’s taken me a while to finish this one, but it was fun stitching – and I ADORE the little coffin charm that opens up to show a little skeleton inside … too COOL 😀

Just Nan-Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls
“Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls” by Just Nan
stitched on 28ct Cashel linen tea-dyed by myself
with DMC threads and Just Nan coffin embellishment

Just Nan-Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls

Seeing as we still had the double-banger finale of Dawson’s Creek to watch last night while I’d reached the happy dance part of my stitching, I ran into my room and grabbed a kitted up ornie that was within arm’s reach, so I made a small start into this one as well.  This is being stitched on a hand-dyed sparkly Lugana I got in a grab-bag from somewhere (had to be either Silkweaver or Countrystitch).  I may be anti-social in my bedroom today and catch up on a bit of ‘Anne TV’ (ie that Katie doesn’t watch), and get this one finished. Then I need to finish off my scissor pocket exchange ready for posting this week.

I need to remember to try and take some decent photos of Lizzie*Kate’s Boo Club this weekend so I can roll it away until I turn it into a quilted wallhanging.  I don’t have any fabric that’s suitable (Halloween fabric over here is pretty impossible to find in good prints), so that might take a while.  I may end up just giving in and using some complementary plain fabrics, but there’s no hurry for this one to be finished for a while yet.

The rest of the weekend will be spent taking Katie shopping to buy a TV and TiVo for her room, and just generally being lazy.  Work is so exhausting during the week I almost need boring mindless weekends to keep my sanity in check!

15 thoughts on “Happy Dance”

  1. Cute finish! I love the frogs at the top and the charm is very cool 🙂 I like your ornament too, that’s a pretty blue fabric.

  2. Congratulations Ann. He is such a gorgeous finish and how fun to check something else off the list!
    Love the fabric for your ornie.

  3. A stressful weekly schedule does mean that one needs to be a bit lazy with one’s free time, Anne – you go for it!! Love your stitching and am looking forward to the finish of the pretty ornament. 😀

  4. Lovely finish as always, Anne, and yeah, that charm sure is cute!
    Have you tried eBay for Halloween fabrics? I got some great stuff a couple of years ago when I was looking for some for a project. A lot of patchwork suppliers seem to sell via eBay, and I bought a lot of fabric from them.

  5. That is adorable! I love the casket charm! I love relaxing weekends, I’m lucky to have found a man who does too, for the most part we just hang out around the house on weekends, while it seems the rest of the world parties it up.

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