Cross Stitch


Um, I think I miscalculated … I’m so tired tonight, I only managed to stitch one big spider and 3/4 of a pumpkin face on GGG … unless I’m back in the saddle big time on Friday night watching Dawson’s Creek (oh so close to the end of the series … finally …), there won’t be no happy dancin’ until the weekend.

2 thoughts on “WIP”

  1. I’m planning on a weekend without child and with ‘House’ series 1 and my Magnolia. Enjoy your weekend stitching – I’ll sure enjoy mine!

  2. I know what you are talking about. I go to my stitching sofa in the evening and start stitching but get tired after a while, much too tired to make a serious dent into my WIP. Oh well. But there’s always the weeknend. Hopefully you’ll find some nice stitching time and finish the ghosties.

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