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Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls

Without further ado, here’s the latest WIP photo of Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls – it’s also likely to be the final work in progress photo, as the next time you see it it will hopefully be an actual finished project – I reckon just one more night, maximum two nights, in front of the gogglebox will see this finished off – there are just 3 froggies, a bunch of eyes and pumpkin backstitching, and 2 teeny ghost heads at the bottom plus 2 over-one kitty cats, and 4 yucky spiders in the corners … yeah, 2 nights should do it, easy!

Of course now I’m fantasising about which project to pick up next – while I still have a huge pile of UFO’s to work through, and some other projects I’m in the middle of, the call of the “new start” is screaming very very loudly in my ear!  I’m almost tempted to start stitching Just Nan’s “Witchy Way”, yet another Halloween project, because I’ve got a lot of the threads already out from GGG, but then again it’s perhaps time for a break from Halloween designs … I’m really not entirely sure where my stitching passion will lead me this time … there are so many wonderful projects in my stash, I’m truly spoilt for choice and right now nothing is screaming any louder than anything else! 😀

I do have to finish off my scissor pocket exchange ready for mailing this weekend, so I have some time available yet before I have to make the ultimate decision on what project to pick up next … and I still have Sapphire Star to finish yet as well – I kinda came unstuck a bit ‘cos I absolutely abhor one of the threads used in the final sections, and am thinking of replacing it with a standard pearl cotton instead … maybe …

Anyway, for now it’s time to hit the hay for the night – I’m off to read another few pages of JR Ward’s Dark Lover before I officially wilt … I managed a whole 10 pages last night before my eyelids were too heavy to keep open … at this rate I should be finished with the entire series in about 2018! 😛

9 thoughts on “Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls”

  1. Lovely finish. And oh so many new projects to choose from. I am sure one of them will holler the loudest!!
    You are only reading 10 pages at a time. I couldn’t put them down. I did nothing for three days while I read the first one and then nothing for a month while I read the other 7.

  2. Love all of your autumn things. In my mind, I am still thinking it’s Easter! I guess because we are in the midst of Spring here. I like your Aussie touch to “favourite.” Nice work. You always seem to accomplish so much.

    1. I get lots of stitching done ‘cos I don’t do housework 😛 … well, OK, very LITTLE housework haha. To be honest I’m usually too shattered during the week to do very much, but I make up for it on the weekends because I don’t go out a lot, and I spent an entire day most weekends just being selfish and doing nothing much but stitch 🙂

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