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Theme Thursday – and a WIP

I haven’t been following the Theme Thursday meme very long, but I decided to finally do one of them – as the theme doesn’t get published until the Sunday beforehand, by the time we get it ‘down under’ it’s already Monday – then I’m at work and leaving when it’s dark … it basically means I have to have a photo to do with the theme in my files already, which isn’t always the case … but this time I do, so I thought I would … join in, that is! 😀

This week’s “Theme Thursday” theme is “Bicycle”. Here’s an old penny farthing bike at Timbertown.

2008 06 04_0541

In other news, I picked up my needle as planned last night, while Katie and I caught up on a few of our favourite shows – I got burnt out early at work and decided to skive off 1/2 hour earlier than normal and managed to leave just as the sun was going down (geez it felt good leaving in semi-daylight!). Anyway the night was spent with Supernatural, Flash Forward, Bones, Castle, Greys Anatomy … phew! What a difference it makes to the length of a program when taking all the adverts out – love love LOVE my TiVo! 😀

I opted to pick up Boo Club again, and put the wee buttons on the first 6 blocks – managed to do a bit more of the border on each side, so it won’t be long now before I’m officially at the halfway mark (after the Creepy block) – I think I’ll keep doing this one now over the next few nights to try to get it finished (assuming I don’t get too bored and need a break from the border – although I agree that it does go pretty quickly in the scheme of things, and it’s pretty mindless to do in front of the gogglebox with no ‘real’ counting as such).  Alas my WIP photos will be boring for a while though 😛

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  1. Hey Anne, catching up on some blog reading and I’m glad to see that you’re a little de-stressed and have had time to do some gorgeous stitching. Which TV shows do you and your roommate like to follow? We haven’t really figured out the TV schedule here and after looking forward to finally catching series as they’re aired, I find that instead I hardly watch any TV at all. LOL!

    1. Hmmm, let me think … Our main shows that we both watch are Supernatural (the ultimate favourite show!) … followed by Criminal Minds (I’ve only started getting into that one since Katie moved in), Flash Forward, Ghost Whisperer, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Numbers (although I can take or leave that one), City Homicide and Rush (both Aussie cop shows), NCIS (original and LAX), The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser … um, I think that just about covers them all off … these days most evenings are spent with us both in the lounge – me sat in my stitching chair while Katie lounges on the sofa.

      Friday nights, though, have become dedicated to a particular TV series on DVD – we’re now in the final season (finally) of Dawsons Creek, which is one of Katie’s favourite shows … I’ve kinda struggled a bit with that one, although I’m enjoying the final season a bit more – and of course it has Jensen Ackles in it, so I’m not complaining, even if it does look 12!! I am definitely ready for a change of focus, though, so looking forward to the final finale so we can move onto something else – apparently the next show being debated is between Season 1 of Dark Angel, Angel or Fringe … love the fact that my flatmate/friend has great taste in TV! 😀

      Otherwise I have my own shows that only I watch – Medium, House, Good News Week (Aussie comedian show), So You Think You Can Dance (USA and Aussie ones), and ER … blimey we sound like all we do is sit in front of the TV haha. We do tend to tape everything on the DVR now, and watch it the next night without any ads – cuts the viewing time down by half almost! And of course it’s giving me more stitching time too, so it’s a bit of a win-win for me …

      Mind you, it may also have a lot to do with the fact that I’m not reading blogs very regularly anymore, ‘cos I’m usually socialising with Katie in the lounge …

  2. Nah, WIP photos are never boring, lol. You’re doing great with Boo, it really does stitch up very fast. I absolutely LOVE that picture of the penny farthing, the composition and colours are just perfect!

  3. Beautiful stitching as always, Anne. : ) I’m really bad at watching TV shows weekly (there are only a few I can do that with). I prefer to catch up on them over a week or two when they’ve ended for the year. I’m far too impatient. 😉

    Oh, the reason for my trip over here! I noticed you commented on Milady’s Needle blog re the discontinued WDW thread… I don’t know if you ever found it, but if you go to the “forms” section under “consumer forms” the link “Retired Colors 6-Strand Floss” opens up a pdf file with the 2010 retired colours. HTH. If you can’t find it, e-mail me (I’ve downloaded a copy). x

    1. Thanks so much for your help with the WDW Concetta! Funnily enough, I just got an email response from Cathy at WDW this morning, and she cleared the issue up nicely as follows:

      ” Good afternoon Anne – we have never discontinued colors but we do retire colors. This means that we just simply take the color out of the main collection of floss. The retired colors WILL ALWAYS be available, they just simply appear on the “retired list.” We are striving to keep the order form at 1 page and in order to add new colors, we need to retire the ones that don’t sell as many as the rest.

      I do apologize for any confusion. On our web site under FORMS, there are pages titled “retired colors 6-strand floss” and “retired pearls.”

      Please let me know if I can further assist you. But please, do not panic as we have never discontinued any colors in our line that go away forever. Have a great week!”

      Yippee, that means all WDW threads are still available – phew! 😀 I’m glad this got raised, as I now have a better understanding … it’s a shame other companies don’t have the same policy though LOL.

      Actually, maybe I’ll post this on my blog as well 🙂

      Hugs, Anne

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