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Feel better now …

It’s amazing what a night’s sleep can do for you … I no longer want to pierce someone’s heart with a steak knife, and am feeling calm and stress-free-ish for the day ahead.

While I didn’t end up stitching last night, I did a fair bit of playing mindless Facebook games … then watched Kitchen Nightmares USA on TV (a show I never watch normally) … all-in-all a very lazy and very relaxing night!  (I’ll keep the Witches of Eastwick in mind Maria for the next time … because I certainly know there will be a next time – if not sooner, then in 1 month’s time! LOL).

Tonight I’ll be glued in front of the TV because Katie’s home again, so we’ll have to catch up on the shows that we both watch – I don’t watch them until we’re both home, so that’ll take us the next two nights to catch up.  Then Friday night we’re off out for Katie’s 30th birthday dinner in the city, then it’s the weekend again, and then Katie’s best friend Sam comes to stay overnight before they head off to Vanuatu for a week of birthday celebrations.  I’d requested the week off to go as well, but I can’t afford it, so I’m now in two minds about still requesting the week off to do some more finishing and also to sort out my embroidery book stash to clear everything out.  Maybe some time out from work will be good for me too!

Rightio, time to get dressed for another day at the sweat shop … if nothing else at least I’ll get those last 19 procedures rewritten today and that’s one HUGE monkey off my back!

2 thoughts on “Feel better now …”

  1. How our brains need sleep! Glad you were able to get a good bit in. Now, keep breathing deeply and keep at least a bit of stress at bay. 🙂

    Perhaps taking a few days off to relax at home will do just as much for you as relaxing at the beach; and so much kinder to you bank balance!! Go for it!

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