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Moving forward on Sapphire Star

Even though I’ve spent more time tonight frog-stitching (I swear, I think I’ve had to frog-stitch something in every single block of this chart – I’m so out of practice following canvaswork charts!!), I decided I was in the mood to stitch a bit more on it, and I’m pleased I did … I managed a reasonable bit of forward motion on it 🙂

I ADORE the colours in this piece – the blues, greens and purples are so lush! 😀

8 thoughts on “Moving forward on Sapphire Star”

  1. Wow those blue/grees are just amazing!!!! I’m sure this piece will be worth every moment of frogging when its done!

  2. I’ve never tried to work on canvas before, but this looks gorgeous. I hate frogging, but better to get it over with than let it sit until later. That’s usually a good way for me to set projects aside!

  3. It looks lovely Anne! I’m so happy you got the frogging out of the way and were able to move forward. I just love the colours, they remind me of the sea!

  4. I really felt for you when I was reading your previous posts last night about all the unpicking you had to do on this project; I know how disheartening it is. But this will be worth the effort; like everyone else here, just love the colours!

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