A Little Bit of Quaker

After finally charging my camera battery up on my point and shoot, I can show piccies of KarenV’s Quaker RR – this is round 3 of our RR, which means we’re just over the halfway mark, with just 2 more rounds left to go. Unfortunately not true to life colour, but the best I can do on a dark winter’s night with no natural lighting. I have to admit I found this a challenge trying to work out which bits classed as which bits for the designated colours, and it’s definitely slower to stitch this way, but it really is worth it in the end result! Karen does an awesome job of selecting colours! This is one really pretty Quaker!! 😀

(Sorry, but it’s also quite blurry … my hands obviously weren’t entirely steady at the end of the day!!)

KarenV's Quaker Part 1

KarenV's Quaker Part 2

If you want to see the other finishes for this month and previous month you can check out our blog here.

As well as taking photos of the Quaker pieces, I also snapped a couple of new photos of Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello, which are as follows (and shows the stitching and colours much more accurately):

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 1

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 2

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 3

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 4

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 5a

Chatelaine's Stitching Leporello 5

As for what project I decided to pick up next, I opted to make a start on the final ‘large’ piece of the Stitching Leporello as this month’s UFO challenge … which I think means after this one there are only two medium-sized pieces left … and then I have the major challenge of finding some lining fabric and attempting to put it all together – perhaps a job I’ll save up for when the Dragon comes to visit next month, with an excuse to go fabric shopping 🙂

Following is the paltry start I managed on the final large section tonight – woohoo, hold me back! 😛

Chatelaine Stitching Leporello WIP 06Jul09

At the moment I’m struggling to make a decision on my new start project, and the choices in the pile are currently:

  • LHN – Ladybug, Ladybug
  • LHN – Travelling Stitcher
  • LHN – Home of a Needleworker 2
  • LHN – Dear Diary, Abigail Winslow (I think – don’t have it in front of my right now – the one with the lighthouse/ocean theme)
  • Sampler Cove – Quaker Huswif
  • Just Nan – Winter in the Square (just need to coffee dye the fabric first)

Ah, decisions, decisions … Mind you, at the rate I’m stitching these days, I’ll be lucky to get my Chatelaine square finished by month end, never mind anything else … I’m feeling a “stitching RDO” coming up (and definitely a stitching weekend away at the end of the month – yippee!!).

Anyway, time to hit the pillows for the night before the alarm clock screams its head off at 5.30am (yucky!!) – I’m loving my gym workouts already … perhaps next week we may even start doing some of the classes like body pump etc … 😀

11 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Quaker

  1. I’m sorry you found it a challenge deciphering my instructions Anne 😦 I would have been happy to clarify anything you weren’t sure of, although you seem to have worked it all out just fine. It looks gorgeous, as does your Leporello, you did a lovely job 🙂

  2. The quaker pieces are very pretty. I love the colours. Your Chatelaine Stitching Leporello pieces look stunning! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the gym as well! I look forward to seeing what you start next. 🙂

  3. You have been creating some wonderful pieces while you have been absent. I’m glad that you feel like your old self again. The blue butterfly piece I would say is just ‘so you’!

  4. I’ve seen Barbara working on the Quaker RR she currently has in her possession, and it looks so, so gorgeous! As does your stitching for Karen. The Chatelaine flowers are so pretty.

    I’m a little jealous to read that you’re in the middle of winter and that you are, consequently COLD. In contrast to me being very, very HOT. Yuck indeed.

  5. Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello and the Quaker pieces are gorgeous, and if I wasn’t so afraid of how much Chatelaine designs cost to kit up, I’d be tempted to get that too XD

    In terms of what to start stitching next, well, I say something bright and cheery since it must be as miserably wintery for you as it is for me over here in NZ! Ladybug, Ladybug!

  6. The Travelling Stitcher is lovely, why not do that next? I am trying to do it at present, very slow progress. I’m glad you’re feeling better, by the way! I am in awe of the 5:30am starts, I threw a fit today because my boss was talking about 7am project meetings, and I screamed and said I would have to go home to bed at lunchtime if we did that.

  7. Glad that you are feeling better Anne. Karens RR is looking great, as is your Chatelaine. LOL at the room spinning in honour of your work mate leaving, it certainly must have been a great night.

  8. Oh that Quaker is so pretty! And I love seeing your progress on the Leporello – it’s a gorgeous piece! Love those colors – that Martina is amazing!

  9. Hi, Anne! Please send me your snail mail addy. You are one of the winners in my Giveaway!! Hugs, Deb
    PS: Your stitching on Karen’s RR, and the Loparello are gorgeous, Anne!!

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