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Another finish-finish

Oh my goodness, I’ve had this piece of stitching sitting around for years and years … it was a Mill Hill kit that I bought back in the days when I used to stitch on Aida (shows you how long ago that was!) – it was also the first attempt I ever made at beading.  Unfortunately the silver beads have discoloured somewhat, and there were grubby marks on the sides of the fabric from when I used to use a hoop that would never come out … I decided today to finally make something out of it and opted for a pinkeep.  Who would’ve known such a scruffy piece of stitching would look so beautiful made up??!  I was pleasantly surprised with the result – and knew that lovely ribbon trip would come in handy one day! 😀

Here are a few piccies of the resulting piece – I love this one!! 😀

MH pinkeep 1

MH pinkeep 2

MH pinkeep 3

MH pinkeep 4

MH pinkeep 5

MH pinkeep 6

15 thoughts on “Another finish-finish”

  1. Ooops, forgetful me again – many thanks for your kind words and concern about the earthquake. We never felt a thing, thankfully, as we’re quite far away from the area, but the reports have been horrible.

  2. That is gorgeous! It deserved a fly in and comment during my sonic boom google reading 🙂
    FANTASTIC JOB!!! Love it!

  3. It’s beautiful, and so perfectly finished as a pinkeep. That ribbon is just like made for this piece, it looks very elegant. Isn’t it great to finish projects that were stitched a long time ago? I’m also on a finih-finishing frenzy at the moment. Seems to be a virus going round, lol.

  4. Anne, your work is lovely…I have a question. I am getting ready to start a project with a LOT of beading and I was wondering…Do you stitch and then go back and bead or do you bead as you go?


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