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Ornament time

Things have been quiet on the stitching front this week – instead I’ve been going to the gym and getting a program organised.  I’ve now got both a cardiovascular program and strength program, and I have to say after doing my strength program yesterday I thought my arms were going to drop off!!!

Today, though, I’ve made a bit of an effort to try turning an ornie or two into an actual ornament – here is my April ornie challenge piece all finished up (I knew those sexy Gingher pinking shears would come in handy one day!!):

Prairie Schooler-Snowy Night ornie

I really love the finished look of this style of finishing, and can definitely see more of these in the future!  In fact, I got straight into it and finished off an ornie that Mum stitched and gave to me while I was home last week.  Here’s that one all nicely finished up:

Mum's PS ornie

As for stitching itself, I only managed to get a tiny bit of stitching done on my Acorn Needlebook last night – the photo is terrible, as there’s no lighting on for it … Two more little bands of long-armed XS, and the start of the backstitched vines and leaves for the centre of the front cover of the needlbook:

Periwinkle Promises-Acorn Needlebook WIP 17Apr09

I’m also putting Winter Queen back on her scroll bars today, and have managed to find and attach my magnifying lens for my Ott-Lite so I can make a second attempt at Nicki’s Quaker RR piece.  Unfortunately with the hours I’d been working, my eyes are really tired in the evenings, so I was struggling to see clearly without straining on the 40ct hand-dyed linen … at least it means if my eyes are tired now, I can use the magnifying lens (never had to use it before, so it will be interesting to see how it works!).

Anyway, back I go to the creative corner … I’m hoping to at least get one more item started on the way to being “finish-finished”, as well as cranking my sewing machine up and learning to use it … 😀

Gotta make the most of it, ‘cos I’m back into work for 6 hours tomorrow, then out all day Sunday drooling over Mr Ackles and Mr Padalecki at the Supernatural Convention – I can’t believe the day has finally rolled around, and we’ll be seeing the stars in the flesh this weekend.  I feel like a teenager all over again LOL 😀

5 thoughts on “Ornament time”

  1. Your little needlebook is gorgeous, Anne. Do get your magnifier out so that you don’t strain your eyes. I’ve been using mine much more lately, guess it’s just going to be my constant stitching companion in the coming years. Better than giving up stitching!!

  2. I really love the pinking sheer finish on these! Good job girl! and more pretty progress on your needlebook, no matter how few stitches you feel you added;)

  3. Your ornies look great Anne! love your progress on the needlebook too! If you are still having difficulties with seeing the 40ct, try getting a cheap paid of magnifying glasses, that’s what I use. They’re about $5 from the Reject shop I think!

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