What is up with Blogger?

Apologies to my online friends who use Blogger as their blogging platform – for some reason I’m unable to comment on any blogs with the stupid new commenting format … please, please Blogger do return to the old one, or fix the new one … I want to be able to comment on my pals’ blogs!!! (

6 thoughts on “What is up with Blogger?”

  1. I’ve seen that comment on other blogs, but haven’t had a problem myself. But every now and then there won’t be letters in the word verification so I just press enter and the screen usually refreshes with letters. What problem are you having, Anne?

    1. I’m able to type my comment, and type the word verification, but when I select WordPress as my option and pass the final part of the process, I get the following error message: “Your request could not be processed. Please try again” … and you can try again, and again, and again, but it never works – so now I just don’t bother 😦

  2. I didn’t know anything had changed! LOL. But of course, I am usually logged into blogger already & everything goes fine. My fave comment boxes are the ones where you can just put your name & url. Easy peasy

  3. I am having major problems, someone else is posting my blog entries for me it is so bad!! Because I cannot even get into my own account!

    And my ‘worthy’ comments being trashed – that is just hurtful – see my sulk? ;-))

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