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The BIG News!!!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of stress, long hours, and low emotions over the last month or so at work … but it all came to a head in a good way this week … and the news was deserving of a bottle of bubbly being cracked open tonight!!


My lovely flatmate had the day off work today, so she spent the day shopping her little heart out, then came home and cooked us a wonderful roast beef dinner, and bought a celebratory bottle of Jansz sparkling wine to officially celebrate my news …

And the news is …

that I have finally been given a permanent job here in Sydney!!!

While at times over the last two months I have doubted my sanity in actually doing this job, I am on the whole happier in Sydney than I was in Melbourne – even though I have made some close friendships in Melbourne, Sydney sees me feeling more “settled” … I’m absolutely thrilled and over the moon that I don’t have it hanging over my head anymore that I may have to go through the drama of moving all over again (or looking for another job just to stay in Sydney).

On another positive, I love living with my new flatmate – even though I’m 15 years her senior, we have a lot in common … we enjoy a glass of wine every now and then on a work night evening, and are both HUGE Supernatural fans.  Our favourite pastime when we’re actually home is to sit in front of the TV with a bottle of wine, or glass of something else, with a Supernatural DVD on TV … I’m now stitching in the lounge again and loving it (when I get chance to stitch), rather than sitting in my bedroom and stitching in there.  We are getting out and about socially a lot more, and mixing with more and more people from work socially, so all-in-all life is good, even with all the stresses and dramas of work 😀

This last weekend we did 8 hours at work on Saturday, then came home and showered (well I did, ‘cos I was the lucky one in the shower first – poor Katie was in the shower when we had a town-wide power/gas blackout so the poor thing didn’t last in there long in the freezing cold).  It was interesting putting make-up on in the half-dark bathroom!  Anyway, I digress … we went to the Marconi Club out at Bossley Park to see  a Spanish play called the Open Couple – it was hilarious to watch.  A friend of ours knows the actors and band that perform in it, and we had a good night out.  Unfortunately there was a huge thunderstorm that killed their brand new Macbook with a power surge, so we were without subtitles for most of the first half, but the second half saw a new laptop arrive and we could follow the storyline properly.  It was a really fun show … we just might have to go to see it again so I can know what all the first half was about (although we’ll either have to fly to Brisbane or drive to Canberra to see it now)!!


Actually, talking of Supernatural … it’s absolutely killing Katie and I while we’re waiting for Supernatural to return to our TV screens.  All stupid Channel Ten can confirm is that it will return later in the year!!!  What the …?!!!!!  We only got as far as episode 8 (Wishful Thinking) before it stopped … and the US is already up to episode 15!!!  We’ve started discussing trying to find download copies somewhere on the ‘net so we can catch up – although we have a limited download quota, so it may not be an option.  I don’t think we can survive until “later in the year”!  In fact Katie and I are such hard-core fans, we’re off to the Convention here in Sydney next month … a huge, huge splurge, but it will be awesome to see the stars in the flesh.  (Note to self – remember to take bib for excessive drooling!!!)  We can’t wait!!  And Channel Ten, you are off the Christmas card list – Bah Humbug to you!! 😛

Anyway, that’s my news for now … it’s time now to hit the hay for the night.  Katie and I are off to Fernwood gym tomorrow night to ask about prices and class timetables etc, as we’re thinking of joining up together.  As we car pool to/from work, it will give us added motivation if we both go to the gym.  We started walking in the mornings a week or so ago, which was great … and knowing I now have a permanent job means I have a new-found spring in my step this afternoon!! 😀

21 thoughts on “The BIG News!!!”

  1. Congratulations on getting a permanent position in Sydney! That’s awesome news!

    I’m glad things are working out with yiyr new room-mate. Why couldn’t you stitch in the lounge room before?

  2. HUGE congratulations, Anne! You must be so happy, and you deserve every bit of it! Here’s lifting a virtual glass of bubbly to you.

  3. There is actually a Supernatural convention? OMG. Niek will never let me hear the end of it!

    Congratulations on your permanent job!! HOORAY!!!!

  4. Congratulations! After all your many months of hard work, I’m glad they are actually acknowledging that you are a key part of the organization. Enjoy the Supernatural convention.

  5. What wonderful news Anne! Congratulations on your permanent job in Sydney! Glad to hear that you and your new flatmate are really clicking. 🙂

  6. can you get hulu.com there? You might be able to watch some things there if you can

    1. Oh b*gger, I got really excited then and jumped straight onto hulu.com … but we get an error message saying that you can only download within the United States … {{insert heavy sigh here}} Thanks for trying though! 🙂

  7. Anne, I am absolutely thrilled for you getting permanency. You blog exudes the happiness you feel at the moment and that is fantastic. Well done in your life at the moment.

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