Shhh, don’t tell anyone … New start

I don’t usually take part in “guilt-free January”, but this weekend I just couldn’t resist starting something new – I’ve had a hankering to start a canvaswork piece for weeks now, and I finally succumbed to the temptation late yesterday.  The photo is dreadful and blurred, but you can at least guess from the colour of the stitches of this one that I’m in love already!!! 😛

This is Laura J Perin’s Sapphire Star (or at least it will be once I get cracking a bit more on it – I’ll take a better photo, ie non-blurry, when I’ve stitched a bit more on it) … I’m about to head off into the lounge to watch Dawson’s Creek (yet again) with Katie … I’m starting to think it’s the TV show that never ends, but we’re over halfway through the seasons now, and once we finish it means we can move on to something else – namely Season 1 of Fringe.  I’ve seen most of the first season before it got pulled from TV, but Katie hasn’t seen any.  (Of course, now thanks to Channel 9, it is finally back on TV again – thanks Go! channel.)

Talking of TV shows being pulled, I’m seriously p*ssed at Channel Ten if the information has Katie has just told me is correct – that they won’t be renewing the Supernatural series.  As per normal they think it’s just fine and dandy to show about 1/3 of the ‘final’ season of a show only to axe it … and they wonder why people resort to downloading TV shows.  Of course ratings are going to be low when you move to late night slots, and of course ratings will be super low when you play in during Christmas week – where did you get your business degrees from???  My thoughts about Channel Ten management are seriously not printable … there are plenty of words rattling around in my head that would make my mother’s hair stand on end!  Bah humbug you Channel Ten morons!!!  And talking of which, where’s the final bloody episodes of ER????  mutter mutter mutter bloody mutter … 😦

OK, time to head back into the lounge for some calming TV … on DVD, Channel Ten, so you can’t stuff that up!!! 😛

Why does this perfect day have to end?

What a way to spend a Sunday … this evening I managed to put the final stitches into part 3 of our Ackworth Friendship Book which is being stitched as a round robin, which means I’ve now halfway through stitching on Nicki’s piece.

Quaker Friendship RR part 3 Nicki's

That in itself is a good achievement at the end of the day, but certainly not what all the excitement is about … Oh no, no, no, it was FAR more exciting than that!!!  No, today was the day that I spent in the company of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins at the Supernatural Convention … and THAT is the reason I wish it didn’t have to end!!!  I’m still feeling a bit shell-shocked after the whole experience – in a good way! 😀

Supernatural Convention 3

I’ve got oodles of photos, but thought I’d share the experience with you with a select few … well, OK, about a dozen!! 😛

First of all, it was worth going just to get to watch about 5 of the upcoming episodes of Supernatural that haven’t been aired in Australia yet – how awesome to see them up on the huge big theatre screen above the stage!!  Apologies for most of these photos – they were taken in bad lighting from halfway back in the auditorium (although the photo of the big screen below came out suprisingly well!).

Supernatural Convention 1

Then we had chance to ask questions of Misha Collins for an hour – what a superb and fun speaker he is, and a great addition to the show.

Supernatural Convention 2

Afterwards it was time to start getting called for autograph sessions, and I took along my favourite computer wallpaper that I printed off at home, for Jensen Ackles to sign.  After just signing stock standard publicity photos he was apparently really impressed with my photo choice as he hadn’t seen it before, and had to pass it around to his offsiders before signing it … gave a great chance to have a quick chat with him {{insert heavy sigh of dreamy pleasure here}}.

Jensen autograph

After queueing up for an hour in the lunch queue, it was time to head back to the Auditorium where we signed up to buy a copy of the DVD covering the weekend’s events, and had chance to catch one final new episode of Supernatural before we were graced with the presence of Jared Padalecki … this was Katie’s chance to drool heavily, as Jared is her supreme favourite.

Jared 1

Supernatural Convention 4

Next up came my chance to drool and slobber, and I’m sure the reason I felt dehydrated coming home had nothing to do with the fact we hadn’t had a drink all day, but rather that I was sat with my mouth gaping open in awe at seeing Jensen Ackles in the flesh on stage!  {{insert another heavy sigh of dreamy delight}}  Yes, I know, I’m like a love-sick teenager, but I just can’t help myself 😉

Supernatural Convention 6

Supernatural Convention 11

Supernatural Convention 5

Jared and Jensen spoke individually on stage for 1/2 hour each, then we had the pleasure of having the two of them back on stage together, while Jared acted like a child with ADD and the two of them stuffed themselves with Fantales candies.  They did manage to field a few more questions from the audience inbetween clowning around and taking cracks at each other.

Supernatural Convention 8

Supernatural Convention 7

Supernatural Convention 12

The day finished with Misha Collins coming to join them on stage, and Jared and Jensen drew on T-shirts to auction off for charity … at $3,000 a pop I’d say the auction was a huge success, and the Starlight Foundation will be thrilled with the proceeds.

Supernatural Convention 9

Supernatural Convention 10

So, what can I say, aside from “WOW, what an awesome day!!!” – a perfect finish to my fortnight of annual leave … and I’ll definitely be having fun memories for years to come.  Now all we need now is for Channel Ten to pull their fingers out of their proverbial behinds and get Episode 9 onwards onto Australian TV – Misha Collins couldn’t believe we were only up to episode 8, to which he got a thunderous response in agreement from the audience … so, come on Channel Ten, come to the party!!!

The BIG News!!!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of stress, long hours, and low emotions over the last month or so at work … but it all came to a head in a good way this week … and the news was deserving of a bottle of bubbly being cracked open tonight!!


My lovely flatmate had the day off work today, so she spent the day shopping her little heart out, then came home and cooked us a wonderful roast beef dinner, and bought a celebratory bottle of Jansz sparkling wine to officially celebrate my news …

And the news is …

that I have finally been given a permanent job here in Sydney!!!

While at times over the last two months I have doubted my sanity in actually doing this job, I am on the whole happier in Sydney than I was in Melbourne – even though I have made some close friendships in Melbourne, Sydney sees me feeling more “settled” … I’m absolutely thrilled and over the moon that I don’t have it hanging over my head anymore that I may have to go through the drama of moving all over again (or looking for another job just to stay in Sydney).

On another positive, I love living with my new flatmate – even though I’m 15 years her senior, we have a lot in common … we enjoy a glass of wine every now and then on a work night evening, and are both HUGE Supernatural fans.  Our favourite pastime when we’re actually home is to sit in front of the TV with a bottle of wine, or glass of something else, with a Supernatural DVD on TV … I’m now stitching in the lounge again and loving it (when I get chance to stitch), rather than sitting in my bedroom and stitching in there.  We are getting out and about socially a lot more, and mixing with more and more people from work socially, so all-in-all life is good, even with all the stresses and dramas of work 😀

This last weekend we did 8 hours at work on Saturday, then came home and showered (well I did, ‘cos I was the lucky one in the shower first – poor Katie was in the shower when we had a town-wide power/gas blackout so the poor thing didn’t last in there long in the freezing cold).  It was interesting putting make-up on in the half-dark bathroom!  Anyway, I digress … we went to the Marconi Club out at Bossley Park to see  a Spanish play called the Open Couple – it was hilarious to watch.  A friend of ours knows the actors and band that perform in it, and we had a good night out.  Unfortunately there was a huge thunderstorm that killed their brand new Macbook with a power surge, so we were without subtitles for most of the first half, but the second half saw a new laptop arrive and we could follow the storyline properly.  It was a really fun show … we just might have to go to see it again so I can know what all the first half was about (although we’ll either have to fly to Brisbane or drive to Canberra to see it now)!!


Actually, talking of Supernatural … it’s absolutely killing Katie and I while we’re waiting for Supernatural to return to our TV screens.  All stupid Channel Ten can confirm is that it will return later in the year!!!  What the …?!!!!!  We only got as far as episode 8 (Wishful Thinking) before it stopped … and the US is already up to episode 15!!!  We’ve started discussing trying to find download copies somewhere on the ‘net so we can catch up – although we have a limited download quota, so it may not be an option.  I don’t think we can survive until “later in the year”!  In fact Katie and I are such hard-core fans, we’re off to the Convention here in Sydney next month … a huge, huge splurge, but it will be awesome to see the stars in the flesh.  (Note to self – remember to take bib for excessive drooling!!!)  We can’t wait!!  And Channel Ten, you are off the Christmas card list – Bah Humbug to you!! 😛

Anyway, that’s my news for now … it’s time now to hit the hay for the night.  Katie and I are off to Fernwood gym tomorrow night to ask about prices and class timetables etc, as we’re thinking of joining up together.  As we car pool to/from work, it will give us added motivation if we both go to the gym.  We started walking in the mornings a week or so ago, which was great … and knowing I now have a permanent job means I have a new-found spring in my step this afternoon!! 😀