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Still around …

Just not getting much stitching done.  I was at work until 8.30pm last night, and that’s likely to continue off and on throughout the next 6 weeks at work thanks to this lovely project of mine, and it’ll be made worse next Friday when 2 of my colleagues leave and my boss goes on 2 weeks leave.  How on earth they allowed annual leave during a time when we have such a massive project happening and so short-staffed I just don’t know!!!

Next Friday I also say goodbye to my flatmate Lisa as she heads off on her big drive to return to Melbourne on Saturday morning.  It’s all very sad really as we’ve become really good friends over the last few months especially.  Can’t blame her, though …

As for me, I’ve been battling health issues – I put my neck out last Friday and went to a Chiropractor … my X-ray results yesterday showed that my spine is quite a bit out of alignment in areas, and is responsible for many of my health issues.  It also showed arthritis starting to form in my neck and lower back, which would explain a lot as well.  So, $1000 later (thank goodness for Visa!!) and I’m signed up for 23 chiro sessions to hopefully reverse the arthritic degeneration and get me back on track.  I can’t say I enjoyed the bone-crunching session yesterday, albeit brief, the sound absolutely does my head in {shuddering}.  I think for my own health it is really important that I do this, especially after seeing how badly my spine was misaligned in the X-rays.  On top of that I picked up Katie’s viral infection over the weekend and have had a throat like I’m swallowing razorblades – between that and my neck on Sunday night my sleep was non-existent, so I ended up taking Monday off to catch up.  I’m still blocked up and have a sore throat, but not quite so bad … although it does make it harder to concentrate at work etc 😦

Unfortunately with all of Lisa’s farewells we’ve been organising, along with her birthday a week ago, and Christmas, and now a huge chiro bill, things will most definitely be a bit tight financially for a while now … I guess my own birthday will be a very low key one this year now, and my original plans are thrown out the window – time to put the thinking cap on again!  Hmmm … 

Geez I’m just one big bundle of joy right now.  Time to cheer up and show some stitching …  Since I woke up at 5.30am yesterday I caught up on a bit of TV viewing and managed to make a start on the Quaker Swan Case that I’ve had sitting around kitted up forever – not much to show yet, but it’s definitely a start 🙂

Quaker Swan Case WIP

11 thoughts on “Still around …”

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling so great at the minute, hope the Chiro sessions do the trick {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! While I am here, I want to thank you for the Christmas card. It was so nice to hear from you!!

  3. Hi Anne, hope you are feeling better soon. Your wonderful wish list seems to have vanished off your blog – it was my favourite way to spend ‘down time’ to browse at all the wonderful things I lust to acquire. Hopefully we’ll see you at CA’s workshops in May?

  4. I hope you’ll be better very soon! Love your swan – light-coloured thread on dark fabric really makes you see how perfectly regular your stitches are.

  5. Hi Anne, so sorry to hear of all your health issues. I hope the treatments help! Your Quaker Swan is lovely, such pretty fabric. Take care.

  6. Bless your heart…feel better soon! The chiro sounds mess with my head too!
    Good progress on your Quaker Swan. Can’t wait to see more:)

  7. I’m sorry that the finances aren’t going to allow for an extravaganza for your birthday. How much is a ticket for you to fly to Chicago? I’d be happy to throw you a party, and you can stay at my place for free! 🙂

  8. Poor Anne!

    I have been going to the Chiro for years, and my chiro suggested I get some massage therepy – and it has changed my life, I am so much more supple! So if at the end of your treatments you are feeling still a bit stiff, try the MT, I only went 4 times!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I love your latest stitch!

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