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Photo Hunt – Scary

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This week’s theme is “Scary” and it was bl**dy scary having this red-bellied black snake in the house before Christmas last year!!!  Thank goodness for the snake catchers! 😀


On a tamer scale we have a Scary bushwalk for kiddies at the Enchanted Maze Gardens:

scary 1

And lucky last, something I found astonishing and Scary … and downright amazing that this idiot didn’t get washed into the surf! In exceptionally strong winds, this dufus was out on the rocks fishing at Port Macquarie … 

Now you see him …

scary 3

Now you don’t … well, if you look really really hard you can actually just see his fishing rod still …

scary 4

What a moron!!! And without a doubt very, very Scary!!!

6 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Scary”

  1. Okay, I’m fascinated by snakes and wish we could have at least one … but if I found that fella wandering loose in my house, I’d surely let out a scream!

  2. OMG Anne is that snake a dangerous one? As you probably know we only have one poisonous snake in the UK – the adder. Last year Ken was working on a construction site in Brighton and got bitten by one on his ankle just above his safety boots. His ankle swelled up and the bite area was red, puffy and pretty yuk. He had to have out-patient hospital treatment for 2/3 weeks. He now compares himself to Steve Irwin!!

  3. That snake was IN YOUR HOUSE! Oh dear, that is really scary. And not in a funny way!! Amazing choice for the Hunt this week!

    BTW – I love stopping by your blog and the weekend and marveling at all your wonderful stitching projects! Amazing and wonderful.

  4. That’s quite a snake! It’s one good thing about cold Canadian winters – we don’t get too many creepy crawlies.

  5. OK, that snake would have made me pass out! Like the scarey bushwalk better!
    and yes, that man has to be crazy!
    After seeing your snake, I think I’ll quit complaining about our scorpions! …lol…

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