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Over my head in the ocean

Over my head in Ocean fabric, that is!  I’ve got Mirabilia’s Enchanted Mermaid all kitted up ready to go … except I can’t decide on the fabric to use!  I had bought a plain Belfast Smokey Pearl piece especially for it, which is supposedly close to the recommended Wichelt Twilight Blue … but then I spied a piece of “Fathom” by Picture This Plus at the recent Stitches & Craft Show and picked a piece up especially for this Mermaid … however when I lay the flosses out on it, the fabric is more tealy green coloured, so now I can’t decide.  To top things off I’ve just found a couple of Country Stitch fabrics that might work nicely.  As this project has cost an arm and a leg in MH Treasures I want to get this one right (and I want to start stitching it relatively quickly)! 😉

Anyway, I used the online pattern/fabric viewer, and this is what the screen shots are like:

Enchanted Mermaid-Belfast Smokey Pearl Enchanted Mermaid-Picture This Plus Fathom
Belfast Smokey Pearl (left) and Picture This Plus Fathom (right)
(these two fabrics I already have in my stash

Enchanted Mermaid-Country Stitch Waterfall Enchanted Mermaid-Country Stitch Ocean Blue
Country Stitch – Waterfall (left) and Ocean Blue (right)

As a matter of interest, which do you think looks best?  Obviously I’d need to pick up swatches of the actual fabrics before I make the ‘ultimate’ decision, I guess, but I’d be interested in your thoughts 🙂

I’ll do a proper floss toss when I get chance …

23 thoughts on “Over my head in the ocean”

  1. I like the last two. The Waterfall clashes a bit with the mermaid and the Ocean Blue is beautiful and really looks like underneath the ocean and I do like it the best.

  2. I like the waterfall best, whilst I don’t have it in the stash, you are more than welcome to come down and try a few others out :o)

  3. I vote for Fathom as my first choice – Waterfall as second…I think the ocean blue is a little busy and woudl detract from teh lovely mermaid!

    Just my opinion 🙂

  4. I like Waterfall or Fathom. Another thought is Ocean Waves by Stitches & Spice (I have Mirabilia’s Shimmering Mermaid kitted up with it).

    I have a 50cm x 70cm piece of 32 count lugana in Waterfall – I am happy to send it to you if you’d like it 🙂

  5. I like the Waterfall too 🙂 The two top ones look good too though. The Ocean Blue is lovely but she blends in a little to me.

  6. heya i polled you! i chose the waterfall i think its the most realistic ocean colour and it seems to make the mermaid stand out more! let us know what you decide 🙂

  7. I like Waterfall best because I think mermaids look better on darker fabric… more deep sea ocean feel. Ocean Blue would be my next choice for I like the mottled appearance. Sorry to pick both fabric that’s not in your stash 😦

  8. I voted for waterfall as I think the mermaid will stand out better on that. Ocean blue has a lovely watery look about it, but I think the mermaid will look lost on it as the blues are all very similar in colour. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress pictures of this.

  9. I love the Ocean blue, but would be worried that the mermaid is too close in colouring to the fabric and wouldn’t stand out properly. I really like the other two hand dyeds too.

  10. Oh, my goodness, a decision! You know I’m no good at this, Anne! lol I really love the Ocen Blue as it look so much like real water, however I think I’d have to do a floss toss on the fabby first to make sure the blues stand out well enough… She looks lovely on the Waterfall in the photo… And as for contrast you have a lot more with the Waterfall… as it seems to be more of a bluegreen colour whereas the lovely mermaid seems to be done in shades of blue… I’m sorry I’m not much help Hun! She’s going to be Beautiful swimming magestically in whichever Ocean you choose… 🙂

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