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Photo Hunt – Road

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This week’s theme is “Road” and I couldn’t make a decision which photo to use, so I’ve got a whole bunch of them!  The photography quality isn’t fantastic, especially the Paris ones, as they’re scans of some prints I took years ago with a point and shoot (which Mum very kindly bought with her from home when she last visited) … but I still love ’em 🙂

First up is from one of the views we had driving from Sydney to Coffs Harbour a couple of months ago – we took a detour and drove through the native forest for a while.

Road 2

Next up are some photos I took years and years ago when I visited Paris for my 2nd time – Paris still remains my all-time favourite city in the world to date.  These are views from the Arc de Triomphe.

Road 3

Road 4

Road 5

Finally, this is a photo I’ve used before, and is the winding road up to the Remarkables skifield in Queenstown, New Zealand – it’s a bit hairy when you meet traffic coming the opposite way … the photo doesn’t quite do justice to displaying the steep drops off the side of the roads!  It is a very picturesque part of the world, that’s for sure, especially in winter when the alpine peaks are covered in snow 🙂

remarkables drive

4 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Road”

  1. That Queenstown road is narrow, but I remember driving the one lane car/RAILROAD!!!! bridge on the west side of the South Island getting to Queenstown from the glacier side. Especially scary when my husband stopped in the middle of the bridge and made me take a picture. I was sure we would be crushed by a train. And we road horse in the Remarkables. How they stayed on the six inch trail I will never know.

  2. Paris looks fabulous. I’ve never been there and probably never will be, so thanks for sharing. :o) The dirt road looks a little scarey to be driving on, but what an amazing view!!!

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