Photo Hunt – Road

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This week’s theme is “Road” and I couldn’t make a decision which photo to use, so I’ve got a whole bunch of them!  The photography quality isn’t fantastic, especially the Paris ones, as they’re scans of some prints I took years ago with a point and shoot (which Mum very kindly bought with her from home when she last visited) … but I still love ’em 🙂

First up is from one of the views we had driving from Sydney to Coffs Harbour a couple of months ago – we took a detour and drove through the native forest for a while.

Road 2

Next up are some photos I took years and years ago when I visited Paris for my 2nd time – Paris still remains my all-time favourite city in the world to date.  These are views from the Arc de Triomphe.

Road 3

Road 4

Road 5

Finally, this is a photo I’ve used before, and is the winding road up to the Remarkables skifield in Queenstown, New Zealand – it’s a bit hairy when you meet traffic coming the opposite way … the photo doesn’t quite do justice to displaying the steep drops off the side of the roads!  It is a very picturesque part of the world, that’s for sure, especially in winter when the alpine peaks are covered in snow 🙂

remarkables drive