Anyone seen my mojo???

‘Tis quite pitiful the amount of stitching I’ve been getting done of late … the following is the sum total of 4 nights of stitching – I’d normally get this done in one night!!  Just pitiful, it is 😉

Drawn Thread-Garden Recipe 17Sep08

My current stitching (The Drawn Thread’s Garden Recipe) is something that was intended as a gift for someone some time ago, but I never got around to stitching it … it’s not ‘my thing’, so perhaps that is also holding me back from blatting through the stitching, or it could just be that I’m too darned tired at night these days and don’t feel like stitching a the weekends either (which is usually my stitching haven time).  Oh well, one day it will be finished, and every little stitch counts, right?  I’m going to have to swap out the pale apricot thread on this one, because you can’t see it on the fabric – it’s supposed to be stitched on a darker neutral colour, but I chose Flax Belfast … oh well, finding an apricot colour that will show up won’t be difficult 🙂

As for other news, I heard yesterday morning that I’ve got a “stay of execution” at work for 3 more months … that means I get to stay in Sydney until the middle of February.  My colleagues at work think it’s disgraceful that they’ve only extended it for 3 months instead of 6 or 12 … but I’m remaining positive, ‘cos it’s better than “0” months!  To be honest the job itself doesn’t jangle my bells heartily, but I DO love being here in Sydney – and having an extension means I can start looking at alternatives after Christmas within the company (if there are any).  I’ve already had a chat to my “big boss” down in Melbourne and told me my preference is to stay in Sydney – I thought it was only a courtesy to let him know my plans, although he’s also aware it might not pan out that way … but hey, I have 5 months left to worry about it 😉

I received my class projects this last week for my CA Wells class in May next year – this will likely be the last one I’ll attend, as it really is an expensive weekend away, even with discount travel … and I could be spending the same money and visiting somewhere further afield, such as the US or somewhere tropical.  So, this is likely to be my final CA class for the time-being (although I also said that last year too, until I saw the two projects that were going to be stitched!).  This time, though, I’m thinking of doing a ‘good job of visiting’ and bringing Mum over with me for a week’s holiday – we can then hire a car and see a bit more of what Perth and surrounds has to offer. I’d also love the chance to catch up with other fellow stitchers one weekend too, if possible – it would be lovely to finally put the faces to names of some of my WA pals 🙂 Anyway, here are the supplies of the two projects:

First up is the Mermaid Bag – with Annie colours!!!! Yippee!!!!

Mermaid Bag supplies

And then there’s the Acorn Etui – wanna guess what I’ll be doing with all that pink silk???? Yep, I sure ain’t gonna be stitching with it LOL. Just have to decide what colour would work best to substitute … of course my preference would be blue, but I thought perhaps I should do all the other stitching first, then make a decision … and I may change my mind and just ‘go with the pink’ … but maybe not – a rich gold may also work nicely 😛

Acorn Etui supplies

My name was drawn out of the hat for the August Xmas ornie challenge, which means I have been very lucky to receive some gifts donated by very generous ladies – the first prize arrived yesterday … 5 skeins of very scrummy silks from Jo at Dinky Dyes – I could sit and stroke them for hours!  I haven’t spent my other prize yet as I’m still deciding – I also won a gift certificate to spend at Colours Down Under … another very generous offering by Janine.  I have to say I’m really impressed by Janine’s selection of goods on offer, and I have a feeling I won’t be spending just the gift voucher when I finally decide to go shopping LOL.

Dinky Dyes silks

And lucky last, something completely different … this one is for Mum – on Wednesday night I was thrilled to see the final episode of the US “So You Think You Can Dance” … but also very sad it’s now finished.  The dancing this year was absolutely incredible, and this show remains one of my all-time very favourites and not to be missed (right up there with NCIS and ER!).  The winner was Joshua – and I’ve borrowed the shot from Fox News’ website so you can remember which one Joshua was, Mum (although I think you’d remember anyway).  I loved watching Joshua dance, especially when he was partnered with Katee … and it was fantastic to see him win! 😀


And on that note, I’d better get into work!!!

15 thoughts on “Anyone seen my mojo???

  1. Nice start Anne!! I know what you mean about this piece though, I finished it recently and even though I was stitching it for me and love the design, it was just one of those pieces I didn’t enjoy stitching, weird!!
    Great news that you have an extra 3 months, hopefully they will make it longer!!
    I too love the So You Think You Can Dance show and am sad to see it end, have to agree the dancing was great this season!

  2. I *love* that mermaid piece. Do you know if there is anymore room in the class? I know I should just ask Judy at Stitcher’s Corner, but I just don’t get out to the store anymore (Janine has stolen me away).

  3. Hi Anne, Your note today sounds as if you are on a high even if you did not get too much stitching done.
    I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Details of this award can be found on my blog, entry date, Sept 18. I hope you enjoy receiving this award as much as I did.
    Kathy from the Blig Blog.

  4. i think your stitching is great.. if you really dont like doing this piece then put it in your stash and start on something your really do want to do.. it will help iwht your stitchng mojo.. love the silks and cant wait to see what you get with your gift card. Love the mermaid bag you will be stitching its really gorgeous cant wiat to see it finished.. take care… and congrats on the three months contract fingers crossed that you get to stay in sydney.. happy stitching

  5. I’m sorry that the *stay* wasn’t extended longer than 3 months – is it possible they will extend it longer than that next time around, or are you not waiting to find out.

    Did I hear the mention of a possible trip to the US? Say “yes”, please! I’d love to have you come and visit Chicago, and we have our own retreats over here, too!

  6. I know what you mean about the expense of CA’s classes and how tempting her new pieces can be!! I stitched the Acorn Etui in 2001. There isn’t actually too much pink on it. I will take a photo of mine when I get a minute and put it on my blog for your to see. And if you want some extra expense but with a long haul trip you could always book her London class!

  7. Very glad to hear that they have extended your work term! Nothing more stressful than not knowing what is going on with your job.

    Your CA Wells class pieces are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing some progress pics on those. Maybe when you start them up your mojo will return :o). It’s always hard stitching something up that you don’t really care for. My boyfriend wants me to make him a Hockey Team logo and I flat out refused cause I know I’d hate doing it and it would never be done and always be gnawing on my conscience lol.

  8. My daughter and I really enjoyed SYTYCD this season, too… very glad to see Joshua win! Wow- your class projects are gorgeous 😉

  9. I hope that you can find something so you can stay in Sydney. Love your new projects-especially the mermaid bag! Congrats on winning those delicious silks.

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