Photo Hunt – String(s)

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This week’s theme is “String(s)” and even though the photography isn’t great on this one, I thought this photo fitted the theme well.  This is a scan of an old photo I took years ago on a visit to Paris on a point and shoot – I love all the ‘strings’ (wires) hanging in symmetry in this shot. I’d love to be able to take this photo again with a better camera and a different angle to crop out the background trees … maybe if I get keen I’ll attack it in Photostop Elements one day 😉


4 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – String(s)

  1. Nice photo as usual, Anne. I giggled when I read the Blogging Without Obligation thing! I just blog when I want to record something either for myself, or for other people, hence the 10 blogs I have currently running! For example, one was created for my Uncle’s 100th birthday party – it was a good way for the family around Australia to see our photos. I have several blogs that don’t see any action for months on end because I haven’t added to that particular collection, i.e. peacocks, swap cards, aprons, etc. But I keep them going because I know there are people who have the same interest as me in these things, and like to see what I’ve got.
    I’ve always been a diary/journal type person, writing or typing my thoughts… it is very cathartic (sp?) to get it out of my head and down on paper where I can move on.
    Having said all that, I’ll continue to pop and admire your stitching for as long as you blog, and I don’t need/expect return visits from you! (but will always be happy to hear from you)
    Hope you have stopped spewing – eewwww….poor girl.

  2. Hi Anne, You Photo Hunt has been wonderful to follow. How did you come up with this idea? Kathy from the Blig Blog

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