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No stitching … again (updated with photos)

I sat down in bed for an hour’s stitching on Monday to commence a new routine for me … putting at least one strand of thread into my stitching on a daily basis … only to find my ‘knob’ dropped to bits on me!  I am loving sitting up in bed and watching TV and stitching away to my heart’s content instead of sitting up in the freezing cold in the lounge, and was mortified to find my lapframe in pieces in front of my very eyes.  Unfortunately the wooden part has come away from the screw part, but this part of the screw is actually the ‘top’ and doesn’t have a normal thread to it so I can’t just get away with whacking a lugnut or anything on the end.  This is NOT what the knob should look like!!!


So for now, there is no stitching … zip … nada … I get cramp in my hand when I hold a Q-snap etc for more than a few minutes at a time hmmm.  But the good news is that I contacted Artisan Designs straightaway, and it’s only going to cost me US$5 plus postage (I think), and they take PayPal, so hopefully it will only be a few weeks before I get a replacement in my hot little hands (once they finally give me a payment amount and place the order!).

Even though I have no stitching to share, I DID have some stitchy-related fun … on Sunday Alison kindly picked me up in her car along with her daughter, and chauffeured me to Amanda’s place where we had a hoot of a day drooling and fondling charts, kits, and threads … and “literally” rolling around in her stash of fabrics!  I have never seen such a fabric collection in all my born days – she should charge admission fees to come and visit it 😉

Anyway, Alison kindly took a whole host of photos from the day, so I hope to be able to share with you the great time we had after pilfering some photos.  Updated:  Here are a couple of my favourites (thanks for the copies, Alison!!):

Picture 077
You have to imagine the Gollum voice impression, while playing in the “precious” – see what I mean about that fabric stash? LOL – You’re the QUEEN, Amanda, I tell ya! 😉

Picture 088
Probably my favourite photo of all – the looks on our faces just sums up the day – hilarious fun!
From left to right:  Alison, Amanda, Anne (AAA packed full of fun)

Picture 094
And finally a “nice” shot of the three of us!  Apart from the fact my Weight Watchers obviously isn’t working ‘cos I can’t fit in the photo haha

I haven’t laughed that much in ages … those two are the BEST company and an absolute riot!  I’m looking forward to the next catch-up already, and we haven’t even planned anything yet!  In fact after the weekend visit Amanda finally got coerced into starting her own blog (Confessions of a Fabric Floosy), so make sure you go pay her a visit … she does some beautiful stitching (as do both these two ladies)!

On the work front, today we had a ‘burning issues’ meeting, which is basically a get-together of the “team” without the boss being present … and we got to chatting about the secondments coming up to finishing deadline etc.  It turns out that one of the ladies is thinking of giving up the whole job at the end of her secondment in January, which means it’s likely they’ll have to readvertise again later … but one of the reasons this lady put her had up to the boss officially today to tell her is so that it might make a difference to them extending the secondment for me (and Lisa if she’s interested).  I only have about 8 weeks left to go but still have had no indication whether they will allow me to stay longer or whether I have to start thinking of uprooting myself again to go back to Melbourne … which is a bit stressful in the back of my mind all the time (especially after the debacle of moving up here with Dodgy Brothers R Us etc – I really don’t want to have to go through all that again).  So if you can all stitch with your fingers crossed over the next couple of weeks, that’d be great!  I’m hoping now that this lady has raised the issue with management they might finally start to discuss their options in earnest, and fingers crossed it goes in my favour (although there are never any guarantees!).

Rightio, time to go hit the hay and forget about work for the night … and pout at my Evening Star project … hmmm, maybe I should drag in my floorstand from the the lounge for tomorrow night … LOL.  If not, I guess you won’t see any stitching again until after the weekend has been and gone, ‘cos I don’t want to sit out in the lounge all on my own in the cold … I must prefer my cozy beautiful bed! 😉

15 thoughts on “No stitching … again (updated with photos)”

  1. Bummer about you scroll frame, hope the knob comes in soon. Hope all goes well with the job, and that you get the news that you desire. The GTG photos look great.

  2. Great pics of your GTG Anne 🙂 I have to tell you about those knobs – I just couldn’t seem to stop that from happening to mine (and I even had spare knobs already). Eventually, my father in law took pity, and metalworked them into submission – he fitted a metal pin into the knob so it ran all the way through the screw as well, and means I can tighten to my heart’s content now 🙂
    Hope you get what you want, workwise.

  3. Love the pictures, you all look so happy, I like your fringed cardigan too. Aren’t managers the end? As if you can wait until Friday afternoon to find out where you are going next, and then be there all ready for work on Monday morning! It’s quite ironical sometimes, when ones job involves planning and the managers clearly haven’t heard of this concept.

  4. Great pictures Anne, looks like you all had a great time. Hope you get your job sorted out soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. Love the pics Anne, I might have to get copies off Alison myself!! Sure hope you are able to stay in Sydney and they sort your work situation out! Sorry about the knob, hope you are able to get a replacement fast. If you get desperate, drop down here, I have a scroll frame you can borrow, not as fancy as yours but it might do the job, DH may even be able to fix the knob for you!!


  6. Hi Anne…Thats awful about your frame…I know what you mean about the Q snaps…I find them a little think to hold them comfortably for long periods of time.
    It looks like you had such fun with Alison & Amanda. And I think you look fantastic….but visions of Gollum did come into my head with the picture of you fondling the fabric. I hope you hear more on the work front so you know what you are doing soon. And as always your stitching is fantastic.
    Margaret xxx

  7. Looks like you really did have a fun time.
    As for your ‘knob’ fill out the hole with matches – cram them in and then screw it on to the screw. It might not be a permanent ‘fix’ but might do the trick til your new one arrives.

  8. Just realised that I should have also said to cut the matches level with the hole but then you probably would do that anyway. Good luck and have a good weekend.

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