Old French Alphabets

Joanne in Perth, if you’re reading this by any chance, I just realised yesterday that I had an email saved as a draft for you with the Sajou links – I tried sending to you, but may have written your email address down wrong! Here’s another link in case anyone else is interested and hasn’t seen them before!

French alphabets (Sajou)

Then there is the complete list of old needlework books re-published on the ‘net you might find of interest.

And there endeth my foray into ancient designs today …

Now I’m back to play with my scanner, scanning in photos for the upcoming photo hunts – Mum very kindly brought a box full of my old printed photos with her on the last visit, and there are some really good choices for upcoming themes that I can use … I still have a ‘lump in my throat’ today after spending a lot of the night with my head over the toilet bowl, so I’m having an easy day at home today blobbing out. I can only put it down to a dodgy Turkish meal we had for lunch yesterday, either that or it’s just another symptom of these stupid viral bugs that are all the rage at the moment!

In fact, I might as well also show you a sneak preview of my Just Nan piece, seeing as I still haven’t touched a needle in the last few days (oh mojo, wherefore art though?) …Β  I’ll take a decent daylight photo if I can when it’s all finished – so far this is the bottom 2/3 of the design … I thought I’d leave the top 1/3 off the unveiling until it’s totally finished πŸ™‚

2008 09 04_0913

2008 09 04_0914

I have to admit I was really disappointed when I started stitching this one – the cover photo looks very blue and purple … whereas in real life there is no blue at all, just purples and greens, so not what I was expecting. Thankfully it’s started to grow on me, and the colour scheme, while not “me”, is quite complimentary I guess if you like purples and greens πŸ˜‰

15 thoughts on “Old French Alphabets

  1. Oh Anne, get well soon! It sounds dreadful! The Just Nan piece is lovely, actually I did this one a long time ago, and also enjoyed it very much.

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling ill, Anne. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Your JN piece is lovely, it’s funny how model photos can deceive us!

  3. Hi Anne – thanks for the link! I just popped in to see what you are up to & wondered if you’re coming over next year? I picked up kits from Judy a week ago & am in the usual befuddlement as I try and work out where to begin………Joann

  4. I can understand you missing your signature blues but this JN piece looks great so far. Take care of yourself and hope you feel up to stitching again soon. CJ(ok;-)

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