Sunflowers are AWOL

So much for spending my day off today stitching my little heart out … I managed to stitch for just over an hour when I first woke up and almost finished the ‘wording’ band of the Sunflower Sampler – but I haven’t bothered taking a photo of it.  I did, however, have a relatively productive day in other ways.

My day was made special by having an electrician finally turn up after a month of having no kitchen light – we’ve been surviving by using a bedside lamp on the kitchen bench, and swinging my Ott-Lite into the kitchen doorway for an extra special bit of a light.  Now, however, we have a beautiful white glowing bulb that seems bright enough to light up the entire neighbourhood.  That also means that I’ve been able to use the sewing machine after 5pm, as it’s getting dark by then (the dining table is in the kitchen, and that’s the only place available to set up the machine).

Anyway, today (after a trip to Spotlight to pick up some felt) I finally managed to put together a Block Roll – I’ve been wanting to make one of these for what seems like forever, and after receiving one from Katrina as a gift I’ve been in dire need of a larger one … poor Katrina’s one is almost bursting at the seams from all the stitching I have crowded inside it – so now I can split out my ornies etc from the larger pieces. It’s literally taken me all day to make this – partly ‘cos I kept having to find all the supplies, and partly because I’ve hardly touched my sewing machine since buying it last year, and I’m still not comfortable with using it. I’m pretty pleased with the overall result, though – I didn’t take a photo of the whole roll unravelled, but it’s really quite long (about 35″ in length).

The pattern is called “Block Roll” from That Raggedy One (by Kate Hampson, Australia).  Unfortunately taking the photo at night means the colours/photos aren’t fantastic …

Block Roll 2

Block Roll 1

Block Roll 3

Stitchers Roll 4

I remembered after finishing the stitching that I’d actually bought that butterfly fabric to make some summer pyjama pants … oops, I guess that won’t be happening now! 😉

I was originally going to finish my ‘infamous’ piece of stitching from a couple of weeks back into a pillow today, and got my fabric all ironed and ready, but ran out of time … instead, I took a photo of the fabric along with the other items of stash I bought from Berrima when Mum was over visiting last month.  I was thrilled to find the quilt hangers, and even though I didn’t need it, I just couldn’t resist that little duckie tape measure!

Berrima Stash Jun08

And ‘just for the sake of it’ I took a photo of my fabric stash … quite pitiful compared to many people’s, I’m sure, and it never seems to hold that ‘exact’ shade of fabric that I need, and invariably a trip to Spotlight is needed … (which of course always has a truly pitiful selection of fabrics anyway)

Fabric stash

Anyway, it’s time to go clean up the kitchen table from all the fabric scraps before Lisa comes home in the morning (not that she’ll really care!) and then hit the hay for the night – seeing as I only have two whole words left to stitch on the Sunflower Sampler, I may make that my mission before I curl up in bed, and given my electric blanket time to take the chill off of the sheets 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sunflowers are AWOL

  1. Ha, ha, ha! You seem to have a lot of blue and green fabric (with maybe a splash of red). Might those be your favorite colors? Mmmmmm? You need a bit more yellow – in case of ducklings you know.

  2. Beautiful block roll. Well you look like you have twice as much fabric as I do! Yes lots of blue, turquoise…..mmmm… **rubs chin** … I wonder why!?

  3. It’s not hard guessing your favorite colors by looking at your fabby stash. I guess mine would be just as reavealing. LOL.

    Your duck tape measure completely cracks me up. You know, I cannot see a duck without thinking of you, and frequently making some comment. When I paused to look at some duck cards the other day, my DH actually asked if I was going to buy them to send to you! I got all embarassed and didn’t buy them (kicking self in butt) …

  4. Hooray for light! I love your roll, but was surprised to see the purple. 😉 It goes beautifully with that butterfly fabric, though. 🙂 You did a perfect job with the sewing on the roll!

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