Party time in Sydney

Yep, I actually did it!  Ended up going to a meeting in the city just before drinkies time – we were invited by the group that were hosting the drinkies as an extra incentive to get us in there, I think … and I’m really glad we went.  We had a cordoned off area set outside at the Cargo Bar at Darling Harbour for drinkies and nibbles … even though it was raining and freezing, we had outdoor gas heaters blowing and it was very social and very cozy.  I had a WONDERFUL time.  I only stayed for 2 hours, and opted to leave at that point while I was still OK to drive!  I was sorely tempted to stay longer, but that would likely entail a $40 cab ride home then having to get a bus then a train into work tomorrow morning … so much better to leave with a clear head 😉

I must say something a bit soppy here … tonight at the celebrations I finally felt as though we had launched the project – it truly came at the right time for celebrations, and a lot of the members of the project team  that we’d been meeting with from the myriad of different departments over the last six months were present.  The only people invited from our department was myself and my boss, as we have been the only ones working on the project until the day of launch when it was “all hands on deck” to load the procedures etc in the database.  It was great to meet the top tier executives from that department, and be invited to join the group.  I have to say (here’s the soppy bit) I felt really proud to have been part of the whole project tonight and to see it launched very successfully … geez it felt good tonight to actually feel the positive emotions about the whole thing!

Anyway, that will see me hitting the hay with a smile on my face … now I’m off to drag out the winter-weight duvet inner to throw on the bed to keep that smile on my face during the night, ‘cos the temperature has plummeted today.

Tomorrow is now Friday for me, as I’ve been granted a day in lieu for all the additional hours I’ve been putting in lately … I figured Friday is as good a day as any to take off, as my flatmate is away that day too which means I can blob around and be lazy all day … so now I’m guaranteed to get the Sunflower Sampler finished this weekend 😀

And on that note, I’m off to bed 😀


9 thoughts on “Party time in Sydney

  1. I’m glad that you decided to go – doing the project wrap-up is an important part of launching any project (I should know – I’m a project manager, and we always have “wrap” parties – usually at fancy restaurants!)

    Enjoy your day off, and I hope to see a picture of your completed Sunflower Sampler over the weekend!

  2. Oh what happy news, Anne! I’m so delighted that things went well in the end and that the project left a positive note ringing behind it. 😀 I hope your day off is fantastic and that you don’t get out of your PJs all day!! 😀

  3. Hello darling….congrats on a launched project…’s such a good feeling isnt’ it.

    I got a sign-off I have been waiting for for months last week so I know JUST how you feel.

    Much love from me and Billy!

  4. Congratulations on the successful project launch, so glad you were invited to celebrate. Now enjoy your day off and Happy Stitching, CJ

  5. Congratulation, Anne! You describe it very well, it is like that when it gets to go-live… enjoy the day off, it’s well deserved.

  6. I am happy you decided to go to the party. I always enjoy the party more if I am not expecting a good time, do you find that?

    Congratulations on the ‘wrap’!

    The temperature has plummetted here today too, icy winds, blue skies, and sun.

    Awaiting your sunflowers, they are lovely!

  7. A well-deserved congratulations on a successful launch. I’m glad that you are congratulating yourself, as well. What you did was a big deal and you should definitely be proud of yourself! *hug*

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