Short post before I head to work

I just want to post a public thank you to the stitcher who left the original “Pickaninny” link – we have had a few email exchanges and my mind has been put to rest that there was no malicious intent, and the emails have been very very much appreciated.

Since my ranting post it appears to have blown up bigger than Ben Hur … and I was in a bit of an emotional state yesterday when I read it on arriving home.  I’ve been working exceptionally long hours (15 hours some of the days), and I am mentally and physically dog-tired and exhausted – because of that I’ve been very over-sensitive to these issues that have arisen and they have affected me a lot.  Normally I’d have the strength to think “whatever” and ignore the original link, instead of letting it get to me emotionally.  Last night I was at such a low ebb, aftering reading the latest round of comments (one particularly) I was very tempted to shut off the comment option or walk away from blogging altogether … once again, just an over-reaction due to my emotional state right now.  I do want to thank those of you who have offered support in your comments, though, it is appreciated.

I have, however, decided to take a break from writing or reading blogs for a week or so – until I’m not so manic and stressed at work, and life and my emotions have returned to an even keel.  I’m dealing with so much at work right now, I don’t need to add to the emotional stress when I get home as well.  There will still be a Photo Hunt post regardless, as I’ve post-dated about 2 months worth of photos … as for the rest, I’ll be back when I’m ready I guess, then I can put all this stuff behind me and move on.

Right now, it’s time to get dressed and get back into the office for the rest of the day – at least I should be able to achieve a few things today without distractions or interruptions … I’ll return again soon.


17 thoughts on “Short post before I head to work

  1. {{{Anne}}} – I’m so sorry that you’re stressed out. After reading the comments, I wasn’t surprised to read this post.

    I guess I won’t tell you what the name of my next door neighbor’s dog was when I was growing up in Australia in the 70’s…

  2. Anne – your stitching is wonderful – do not let one commment dampen your enthusiasm for both stitching and blogging… Having spent more than a few hours in your companyy (and that of your Mums) I know what a kind, generous, comapssionate non judgemental person you are… Hope things panout with work for you…

  3. Long days like that would shatter anyone, even without a bunch of blogging drama. I’m really sorry that all this came up and that it’s driven you away temporarily. I hope your ‘time off’ period won’t last long, and that your work days shorten to something much more reasonable. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

  4. Sorry that you had to go through this and that offence was taken by what you stitched. Having read your blog for some time now, I know that you meant no harm, it is a shame though that some people found it offensive. Hope that you get back to blogging soon and that your working days become shorter. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  5. Anne, I hope things will get better at work soon-it’s hard working long days and then trying to keep up with one’s life outside of work-so that don’t feel that you are always working and doing nothing else. Deep down inside you know what the truth is and how you feel-that’s where it really counts. I will miss you while you are gone and will look forward to your return. Sending big {{{{hugs}}}}

  6. I will look forward to your return to blogging Anne. I am sorry to hear of all the upset over the pattern you offered. By the way – your ex-boyfriend – wow he’s cute!

  7. I’m gonna guess that the person was american. We are so out of whack about race relations in this country, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is the case.

  8. Anne could you please email me? I need to know if the comment I had made offended you because that definitely was not the intended case. I expressed my opinion, and whether others agree with me or not, thats their perogative.

  9. Personal email sent to you Zeb – in no way was your comment offensive, in fact quite the opposite. I appreciated the support … as I’ve appreciated all the positive comments of support of everyone else. I just feel it is wiser for me to walk away for a while …

  10. I’m glad that you were able to work things out with the original poster. That’s the problem with electronic forms of communication – it’s far too easy to be misunderstood. I can understand that you need to walk away for a little bit. We’ll be here when you get back! *hug*

  11. hiya dont get too offended i think your stitching was gorgeous and i read the wickepedia but at the end of the day your wording was picanni. not picannany or what ever it was god what a tongue twister hope your feeling better soon. happy stitching and again it was so cute..

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