Just popping in briefly

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has left such kind and generous comments on my Photo Hunt posts – it’s something I’m still enjoying doing each week on the whole, and at least it means some form of photo is present every week even if it’s not stitching ones! 😉

I’ve taken two photography courses in the past, but both were purely about working in the darkroom, which taught me absolutely nothing about what I wanted to learn (ie composition, exposure, lighting etc) – so if the photos come out well, it’s probably pure luck and perhaps a reasonable eye when it comes to cropping in the editing program 😛

It’s been a long time since I’ve been madly taking photos of my surroundings – when I went travelling years ago with my “film” camera (before I learned about the joy of digital) I’d come from with bags brimming full of film reels for processing because I’ve always been snap happy.  Only in recent months have I started getting the joy of photography back again and started taking a few more photos.  One day I may look at taking another class again (but for digital, not film, so there’s no chance of just ending up in the darkroom!), or perhaps I’ll just get a tutorial book for digital cameras … one day …

Today, however, I’m about to head off back to my bed and catch up on some TV viewing from the last few weeks while stitching up a wee freebie or two – I also have to get my Christmas ornie finished for June … I feel another lazy weekend coming on! 😀

Thanks once again for all the lovely comments on my photos – and also on my stitching, it’s greatly appreciated that you’ve taken the time to do so.  On the reading front I’m almost halfway through catching up on my backlog so you’ll see me leaving more comments on your own blogs once again – it’ll be nice to get into that daily blog reading routine that I used to have before moving to Sydney 🙂


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  1. I always wanted to take darkroom classes, but could only find composition classes. LOL. But nowadays, I am so glad not to deal with film. Photography is so fun without the costs of all that developing!

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