Finally a stitching post …

I’ve been stitching all day but have very litte to show for it … first up is a wee freebie finish:

Freebie by
Stitched on 28ct antique white Lugana
with Caron Collection Waterlilies in Pine Forest

Here is the wee beastie that has taken most of the day to stitch … I had to change almost all of the colours as I didn’t have the recommended threads in my stash, but I think it turned out OK – not perfect, but I still like it.  It was quite fun doing some different stitches for a change, especially doing the whipped backstitch.  The sand is a mix of cross stitch and Smyrna crosses, but you can’t see that in this photo.  This will eventually be a tin topper … after trying to find another design in the Gift of Stitching magazines, I came across this one and remembered I fell in love with it when I first received the issue.  Well I then made up my mind to stitch a new piece rather than turn my Prairie Schooler Duck into a tin just yet.  Fingers crossed the finishing will go OK for my first tin attempt! Apologies for the poor photo, but my battery just died so I can’t take another clearer one just yet …

Waves 1
“Waves” by Melissa Dunajski
from Gift of Stitching Magazine, Issue 17 June 2007
Stitched on 32ct Ice Blue hand-dyed Belfast by Countrystitch
using the following substitution threads:
GAST Flax = used recommended thread GAST Flax
WDW Angel Hair = substituted DMC 677
WDW Aqua = substituted DMC Variations 4020
GAST Cornflower = substituted DMC Variations 4230
GAST Oatmeal = used GAST Oatmeal
NN Bali Hai = substituted Carrie’s Threads Dillon’s Sea

Not entirely sure what to stitch next … although I guess I “should” stitch my Christmas ornie for June as I’m nearly running out of time (just for a change!) – but I really want to start something new, something like Drawn Thread’s Autumn Arbor or Sunflower Sampler … oh decisions, decisions … Or perhaps I should just put the needles away for a day and concentrate on doing some finishing … hmmmm … 😉


12 thoughts on “Finally a stitching post …

  1. I really like this one Anne… It looks great with the rolling waves and the graded sand… I could even be persuaded to break my self imposed vow of no new patterns…. Sharon xxx – Melbourne..

  2. Oh my goodness Anne, “Waves” is absolutely stunning!! I sub to the GoS mag, but I didn’t even notice that design before!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. So, you made me go and buy the subscription for the Waves pattern! It’s so awesome, thank you for sharing 😀 I am all excited now 🙂

    Yours is gorgeous

  4. I absolutely adore the tin topper! I will have to put this one on my ever-growing must stitch list. Gee thanks, Anne. 😉

  5. Hi you! This small masterpiece that you whipped up in a day doesn’t surprise me! You are very talented. I haven’t had a moment to do so since my kids (1 girl -11, and 1 boy -6) have been keeping me too busy to stitch 😦

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