Ornie finish … and WIP

Here’s my latest ‘small finish’ that I put the final stitches into yesterday (this was my holiday stitching piece that had an attack of the frogs the first night):

Twisted Oaks-Christmas Tree
“Christmas Tree” by Twisted Oaks Designs
from 2005 JCS Christmas Ornie magazine
Stitched on 28ct opalescent white Cashel linen
Some substituted threads – instead of NN Lemon Delight I used
Carrie’s Creation Gold Glow, and instead of DMC 349 for
the hearts I used Carrie’s Creation Scarlet

Also my progress from yesterday after finishing the ornament … I chose something already kitted up and ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice … this is the stitching of part 2 of the Stitching Leporello by Chatelaine … perhaps I will finish it today?  Or perhaps not … 🙂  (sorry for the bad photo but I took it after midnight last night and can’t be bothered taking another one)

Stitching Leporello WIP 05Jun08


9 thoughts on “Ornie finish … and WIP

  1. The ornie looks great, I also enjoyed stitching that one. Anything Chatelaine is going to be wonderful and that’s the way it is looking.

  2. I must be blind – I never noticed that the tree “trunk” for this design is actually a bird. I must stitch it now! 😉

    Lovely stitching as always, and I’m glad you overcame the frogs!

  3. Great ornament finish! I like that one and plan to stitch it myself, at some point. I can’t believe you started part 2 of the Stitching Leporello! It’s been so long since I picked mine up, it’s not even funny. You made great progress on it already!

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