Photo Hunt – Bad Hair

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This week’s theme is “Bad Hair” and I thought of these photos straightaway!  This is the haircut that my best male friend had when I moved to Melbourne 4 1/2 years ago (crikey, have I been in Aussie that long already??!) … talk about a “Bad Hair day”!!!


Eventually I managed to talk him into getting his mop of curls chopped off, and his best friend offered to get out the shears immediately and start shearing away!  The whole situation amused me no end, so I just had to capture the moment on film … and here are a couple of shots from the day’s process …




And just who IS this handsome young fella at the end of it all??!!!  We all had to admit he looked 10 times better with his new haircut … and to this day he’s kept it short … of course, he will no longer be talking to me after sharing his photos on this blog!!! 😛



9 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Bad Hair

  1. Ohhh…I am so glad he allowed the clipper on that hair…although the curls are adorable, they just don’t look right when the rest of his head is short!
    He looks much better with it all cut..and I hope you don’t get in trouble for sharing these photos with us…..
    make sure you show him the blog, and your counter to show him how many people have seen his photos! LOL

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