Port Macquarie to Sydney (part 2)

After spending an hour watching the ocean waves at Flynn’s beach, we hit the road again.  Not too far out of Port Macquarie I spied the signpost for Timbertown at Wauchope, and remembered it was something that had appealed to me in the tourist brochure – seeing as the weather was relatively good at that stage, and it was coming up to lunchtime we decided to drop by … we had a wonderful time in there. Although it’s quite a small site compared to places like Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, they have done a great job of it. It’s designed to show what life was like 100 years ago, and buildings have been set up like a small town with businesses and houses displaying items from that era.


Timberland-street 1

Timberland-street 2

Timberland-Fire station


We also got to see a bullock team in action pulling a two-tonne log (they were exquisite creatures, and personally a highlight for me was seeing them) – they were regularly walking through the township, with an actual show in the afternoon.

Timberland-Bullocks 1

And of course there were a few more animals to delight young children (and those not-so-young, ahem).





Not to mention the odd bit of wildlife not part of the display …


There is also a steam train that runs every hour around the township and forested area … plus rides in a horse and carriage.

Timberland-Steam train

And a rest stop just wouldn’t be a rest stop without the infamous scones … although a baby magpie was hanging out next to us just waiting to join in the feast! (Shame he has to grow up, as he was really cute – adult magpies are most definitely NOT so cute!!) 😉


Timberland-Magpie baby

All-in-all we loved our visit to Timbertown … but unfortunately during our last minutes there the heavens started to open again.

It turned out that the remainder of the drive home was the worst drive I’ve had to do in many many years!! It was raining so hard the windscreen wipers were on full speed and still couldn’t cope – you could hardly see two feet in front of you for driving! Mum was so uncomfortable with the whole thing that she suggested we pull off and stay at a motel for the night and drive in daylight the next day (by now it was night-time) – personally I just wanted to get home to the comfort of my own bed … but today my back and shoulders are really feeling the strain of driving for almost 5 hours in the dark fighting torrential rain. My lower back, especially, is really uncomfortable and I’m not in a hurry to do any long distance driving for a day or two now … in fact it’s so bad I’ve just cancelled my ticket to see Michael Buble in concert tonight – I can’t stand the thought of driving for 1 1/2 to 2 hours to my friend’s place, then another 2 hours in a theatre seat … what a monumental waste of money, but better for my state of physical health, I think 😦

Even though the trip had its nightmares (especially the drive home again), we still had a good time away – as always we can usually make good of a bad situation and appreciate the positives … but I’m really glad to be home!! 😉


4 thoughts on “Port Macquarie to Sydney (part 2)

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading all about your trip Anne! Great photos – it sounds like you had fun, even if the weather was a challenge 😉

  2. What beautiful photos… thank you for sharing them. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to the MB concert, I hope you’re feeling better after a rest.

  3. WONDERFUL photos, Anne. I felt like I had a front-row seat! The animal pictures are my favorite – young-at-heart, right? 😉

  4. Great photos Anne. I’ve really enjoyed sitting here reading through your adventures. :/ Sorry the weather was so lousy.

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