Sydney to Port Macquarie

Bright and early on Monday morning we hit the highway to head up to Port Macquarie – by the time we called past my PO Box to check my mail it was 7.30am when we were earnestly on our way.  After taking an hour to get to the other side of Sydney proper, we headed up the Pacific Freeway where we couldn’t see a thing for an eternity due to fog … as it turns out that was to be an indicator of the weather throughout the entire trip!

Eventually the fog cleared, to be replaced with a smattering of rain every now and then … and I have to say I’ve never seen so many roadworks in all my life – they went on for km’s and km’s!  Eventually we decided to drive off the main route and take one of the tourist drives via Stroud and Gloucester, and I’m really glad we did, as I enjoyed driving that way much much more – the scenery and drive was much more interesting.

Unfortunately one of my windscreen wipers died a horrible death during the journey, so we called into a wee NRMA garage on the drive through Stroud and had it replaced, before stopping for a rest stop further down the road in Stroud township to have scones with jam and cream, and a coffee for me at a small quaint cafe.  Very unusual for me to show scones on this blog, I know haha.

Stroud-Devonshire Tea

As we were walking back to the car we noticed a craft store selling home-made crafts by local artisans … I always try to buy a little something when I go through these places, even if it’s something little, especially in small townships, so I came home with a hand-painted doorstop, painted blue with white daisies.

Stroud-Craft shop

Stroud-Door Stop

We enjoyed seeing a few displays of autumn colours still on the trees here and there …

Gloucester-autumn colours

And this is just something that the non-Aussies out there might enjoy … unfortunately during the drive we didn’t see any koalas this time.

Koalas crossing

We did, however, see a kookaburra along the way and just had to take a photo … it’s always nicer to see the Australian wildlife “in the wild” and not in a cage somewhere (although the same can’t be said for some of the reptiles or arachnids! hmmm).

Kookaburra 3

After our slight detour we continued back to the main highway where we were greeted with yet MORE roadworks.  The weather started turning in even more, but we braved the elements and took a few photos of the Lighthouse and ocean at Lighthouse Beach while trying not to get blown off the hilltop by the high winds. 

Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Five minutes up the road and we found our apartment, but we decided to continue driving and go shopping in Port Macquarie first where I found a T-shirt just perfect for my new pyjama bottoms Mum has made me.  Once we returned to the apartment we checked in and settled in with a Christmas ornament to stitch – thanks to over-catering the previous day at the stitching get-together we had plenty of nibbles to munch on for the night … although the next day I had to frog-stitch all that that I managed to stitch that day! Oops 🙂

In case anyone’s interested, we stayed at the Beaches Holiday Resort – it was a very reasonable price for a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment … although away from the “main” part of Port Macquarie, everything was just a short drive away.  Our apartment was almost bigger than our apartment here in Sydney!


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  1. I love the Australian coast north of Sydney. We once drove all the way to Maryborough. I particularly like Noosa Heads. I always wanted a cottage there. but a long commute from the US. Great pictures!

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