Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour

When we woke up on Tuesday we were not thrilled to see gale force winds and pelting down rain to greet us (although we’d had a few insights into that with the noise during the night).  It still didn’t perturb us, though, and we packed up our raincoats to head into Coffs Harbour for the day.  The ocean was really rough, but I couldn’t be bothered getting soaked to the skin to take a photo …

I have to admit we didn’t enjoy a lot of the day, although as always we still had some fun highlights to save the day from being a total disaster.

Our first port of call was Fredo’s Pie Shop (thanks Alison, we managed to find it) – this is written up in all the guide books and tourist papers apparently due to its huge array of pies to choose from.  Here is a selection of their menu (you may have to enlarge the piccie to read it), along with a photo of a few of the more “exotic” flavours!  I had a kangaroo pie just to be different, while Mum had a sausage roll, then we headed next door to sit and eat them while I tried to drink the worst coffee I’ve had in ages … the pies were OK, although I have to admit I’ve had better elsewhere (namely Mascot).

Fredo's Pies 1

Fredo's Pies 2

Back on the road again we headed to Bellingen, which is where I had my heart set on driving to.  We stopped off at the Old Butter Factory which is a craft co-op with individual little craft shops – this was a wonderful place to spend some time wandering around and admiring the wonderful crafts for sale.  Unfortunately the items I fell in love with were a tad out of my price range, so we left empty-handed.

Bellingen-Old Butter Factory

Bellingen-Old Butter Factory 1

Next up was the ultimate destination for me – The Yellow Shed.  This is another craft shop which had all sorts of things in it, including a lot of new age things.  The reason I wanted to go there, though, was to replace my mugs that I’d bought on a previous visit.  I absolutely adored my mugs, which are by a Queensland potter called Albert Verschuuren – unfortunately, though, my previous male flatmates Fraze and Andrew managed to break one each so I was left bereft of my favourite mugs.  Thankfully there were some on sale still, so I stocked up once again for my big splurge of the trip 😀

Mugs by Albert Verschuuren

At this stage the rain was phenomenal … there were rivers of rainwater rushing down the street gutters, and lots of fields were showing signs of flooding, but we kept plodding on and getting out and about.  After one more stop we turned back towards the highway again and drove up to Coffs Harbour where the rain was pouring off and on.  We drove straight to the Big Banana just to buy some banana honey and have a banana split – the banana split was devoured, but alas no banana honey for sale 😦

Coffs Harbour-Big Banana

After we’d finished eating at the Big Banana, the rain closed in once again … and my walking shoes had finally died, with holes and gashes now letting in water.  We headed over to a local shopping mall where I found a cheap pair of runners, along with a pair of much-needed dry socks, before we called it a day and headed back home.  At 4.30pm it was already dark thanks to the hideous weather – and I have to say the drive back to Port Macquarie was sure as heck no fun whatsoever, proven by the tension and stress felt in my back and neck muscles by the time we got home again!  I was very grateful to see that apartment sign in the distance so we could sit and relax while watching NCIS (we just got home in time to heat up dinner and settle in to watch it).


3 thoughts on “Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour

  1. I hope the banana split was wonderful. Here I am in the pie-less US with pictures of gorgeous (even if not the most delicious) pies bombarding me from the UK and Australia. Was the Big Banana still surrounded by giant pointsetta plants? When we were there, it was sunny and the giant red “flowers” were breathtaking.

    It may sound strange, but when we go to Melbourne in 2010, we are both looking forward to The Cottage, an old house out in the country with pottery from about two dozen potters. We bought a bunch of pots and bowls and vases there in 1999 and just wish we had bought more. We are going to buy even more next time. I’m glad you could replace your favorite mug. I’d like to replace my favorite New Zealand teapot, but when we were last there in 1999, no one seemed to be doing much pottery at all.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Those pies look great – that’s one of the things I miss about Australia – a genuine pie from a pie shop!

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