Sydney Stitchers Get-Together

We’ve been out of town for a few days, and I didn’t take the laptop with me, so I’m only now catching up on the last week’s events.

Last Sunday (1 June) I held a get-together at my place for 6 lovely Sydney stitchers (8 including Mum and myself) – even though my place is only small, it was a lovely day catching up with everyone and seeing their finished works and those that are in progress.  Some even managed to do some stitching, but I certainly wasn’t one of them 😉

Here’s a photo I took on the day … apologies to those that aren’t 100% perfect in this photo but it was the best of a bad bunch!  Working round the room from left to right are Robyn, Margaret, Mum (June aka the Dragon), June (Alison’s Mum), Alison, Amanda, and Karen.

SYD Get-Together 01Jun08

I’ve also stolen Alison’s photo from her blog (hope you don’t mind Alison), as her photo is much better than mine and of course the giggler in the pink T-shirt is me (I know, ME in PINK!!! LOL) 😉


There was plenty of chatter and plenty of eating happening, and the time just flew by.  Thanks again ladies for making it a really enjoyable day!  Now I can’t wait for the next one to be held! 😀

One thing I did do on the day was to dismantle my scroll bars on Winter Queen so I could take a quick photo of her – not the best photo, but nice to see her in all her current glory, even if she does look washed out!  I might try to take a better photo before I roll her back up again.

Winter Queen 01Jun08 1

The rest of the week has been spent driving to Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, so I’ll document each day individually as there are quite a few piccies to share …


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  1. You all look so happy. I would love to have come but I need my daughter to bring me these days so hopefully I can pin her down if there is ever another get together.

    You Winter Queen looks so magestic, Anne, she is just gorgeous.

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