Biscornu finish

Did you hear a lot of muttering and cursing down under last night?  If you did, it was likely to have been me!!  I was all set to finish-finish my beautiful red tuffet/biscornu … and had the pieces freshly ironed ready to go, with the perle cotton and threads ready to start making wee tassels …  Remember my joy in finally finishing this project??

French Monogram III tuffet front French Monogram III tuffet back

Well, as soon as I started to thread needle through the backstitching on the sides, I thought to myself “hey, those fabrics feel totally different in hand” … and lo and behold on finer inspection and measuring they have been stitched on two different thread counts so the sides don’t match up!!!  Lesson to self … do not take thread count on labels as gospel, always check before stitching!!!  To say I was less than thrilled was a HUGE understatement last night – I was absolutely gutted … that means I have to either stitch the big piece again on the new fabric, which I have plenty of, or I have to try to find other fabric to match … considering I had such a bad run on stitching the main piece previously I have absolutely NO desire to stitch that again.  Anyway, it’s been thrown in the corner to sit in disgrace until I decide I have the motivation to look at it again and decide what the heck to do … ho-hum 😦

Luckily I had another design ‘in reserve’ to finish as a biscornu for the Monthly Finishing Challenge that Becky has been organising … this one seemed to go relatively hitch-free, although I wish I’d left a bigger margin of “clear” fabric at the edge of the design before starting the backstitching for the whipstitch join, as it looks a little ‘busy/crowded’.  Never mind, I still like it, nonetheless …  So, here’s my attempt for this month, just in the nick of time! 😀

Biscornu 3
“Mystery Sampler” design by Debbie Draper 
from Gift of Stitching Magazine (issues 6 and 7, 2006)
stitched with Carrie’s Creations threads
finished with seed beads from U Bead It (Sacramento, CA)

Biscornu 2

Biscornu 1 


17 thoughts on “Biscornu finish

  1. Been there and done that, I’m sad to say. 😦 Now I always stitch projects like this on the same linen rather than leave anything to chance.

    That second biscornu is stunning – those colors just scream “ANNE!” 😀

  2. Well it sucks that the first piece didn’t work out, but I LOVE the second piece. The beading is amazing, and I don’t think it looks too crowded / busy at all.

  3. What a bummer! How about making the top bit into a pinkeep instead? And you could stitch initials into the middle of the other bit and make a needlecase or something – a matching set 🙂

    The biscornu looks lovely 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your poor biscornu! I had a bugger of a time finishing a biscornu earlier this year. Like you, I took the chart at a glance and didn’t realise I’d backstitched to different sized squares! I adore the other biscornu you finished. The colours are just so beautiful, some of my favourites.

  5. I feel your pain – I’ve done that before, even with the same thread count on the same fabric, and the pieces didn’t match up (I think because they were form differnt cuts).

    I’m glad you had another piece in reserve, though!

  6. Wow… you really had a time of it with the original piece, didn’t you? How frustrating! The “replacement” biscornu piece is really pretty, though. I just love the colors you used.

  7. Sorry to hear about your biscornu trouble-I know you will be able to fix it. Your other biscornu is lovely and I think it’s just right. Congrats on the finish.

  8. What a shame about trying to put together the brilliant, red biscornu. I really love that one. I vote that you take it to The Stitching Post and see if you can either come up with an equivalent piece of fabric for the bottom or maybe a red that matches the thread to do a bicolored biscornu.

    Your purple and blue one turned out beautifully, though. I don’t think the margins are too shallow at all. And the beads match perfectly; how did you manage that?

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