Port Macquarie to Sydney (part 1)

This ended up being our final day on holiday … we’d decided after such an abysmal day in Coffs Harbour that there was probably no point hanging around and thought we’d head home early instead.  When we got up, though, there was blue skies and only a little bit of wind.

We checked out of our apartment then headed across the road to Flynn’s Beach, where we spent about an hour watching the huge waves crashing in – it was absolutely spectacular, and we could have spent the entire day sitting on that beach watching the ocean.  Instead, we went for a walk up both sides of the beach and took some (well, actually LOADS of) photos before we hit the road back to Sydney.  Here are a few photos of the waves and beach:

PQQ Flynn's Beach-Ocean 1

PQQ Flynn's Beach-Ocean 2

PQQ Flynn's Beach-Ocean 3


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