Photo Hunt – Self (yourself or part of you)

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This week’s theme is “Self (yourself or part of you) and I don’t have any recent photos of me personally, so I took one of my ‘wounded’ hand.  See if you can pick which one of these pudgy fingers I tried to lop off with the meat cleaver a few weeks ago … !  I trimmed the nail back today as I’ve started catching it on things, and the nail is still a bit ‘sensitive’ for want of a better word.  I was very very lucky, that’s for sure!!


2 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Self (yourself or part of you)”

  1. OMG you could have removed the top of your finger! When I trapped my finger in the car door (the first time round) and the nail came away from the bottom I used Micropore tape to wrap around it to prevent catching the nail until it grew out.

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