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Just a quick post with a few piccies

We just walked in the door after being out all day yet again … we were originally going to drive up the coast tomorrow, but we’ve opted to put that off for a few days, and have a day or two relaxing at home instead.  Today we called in to pick up some drying racks for my washing to go on the balcony, then headed out to the Blue Mountains for the day.

We started off my stopping at Leura, where we spent plenty of time drooling in the imported lolly shop – I’ve never seen so many lollies in one place in my life!!!  We were very good and only bought a couple of items (some Walkers treacle toffee, Barratt’s nougat, and lemon bon-bons), then sat and had a lovely lunch (albeit damned pricey!) at a local cafe.  Mum had pumpkin soup while I had a sandwich with smoked salmon, capers and lettuce etc.

Leura Lolly Shop
Only one side of the Leura lolly shop – there is another wall on the other side and in the middle!

After our stop at Leura we drove over to Katoomba and took a short bush walk to the Cliff Top viewing platform to watch the Katoomba SkyRail head across the ‘canyon’ – and I then tried to kill myself off by taking another very short bush walk to see the Katoomba Cascades (although this one was a steep walk, hence the knackered state I arrived in back up top!).

Katoomba Cliff Walk
Walkway from the carpark to Cliff Viewpoint

Katoomba SkyRail
Katoomba SkyRail car on its way back from the viewpoint station

Katoomba View Point
View of the Blue Mountains from Cliff viewpoint

Our final stop today was to visit Karen at The Stitching Post – here Mum bought a Just Nan chart, some DMC and Aida fabric, while I bought some Dinky Dyes and Gloriana silks, GAST and Crescent Colours threads I needed, plus a holiday treat from my wishlist, The Drawn Thread’s Spot of Winter.

The Stitching Post Katoomba
The Stitching Post, Katoomba

I also managed to take a couple of really crappy photos of the first three of the pieces that Karen has framed for me – they look great in real life! 🙂

For the Birds framed
“For the Birds” by The Drawn Thread

Geranium House framed
“Geranium House” by Country Cottage Needleworks

Necessities Sampler framed
“Necessities Sampler” by Little House Needleworks

Now we’re blobbing out at home, about to put the TV on and put needle in hand, once we’ve had our turkish bread and dips for dinner … washed down by my new favourite Chardonnay … “Stonier” Chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula – ooh, yummy!!! 😀

9 thoughts on “Just a quick post with a few piccies”

  1. Great pictures! Sounds as though you both had a wonderful time 🙂 Pretty framed pieces, too!

  2. Looks like we had almost the exact same weekend. We also went up to the Blue Mountains on Saturday and stopped at the Cascades for lunch, then I also visited the Stitching Post. Looks like brilliant minds do think alike. By the way I bought some WDW thread, some charms and two miniature Just Nan charts.

  3. It sounds like you’re having a great time with your mum 🙂 And the framing is beautiful. How lovely to see your stuff on the walls 🙂

  4. Great pictures – is the house you photographed the LNS? How cool! I love your framed pieces.

    BTW – I drew your name out of the hat for the blog poll contest on my blog. Thanks for your input!!

  5. Your framed pieces look fabulous Anne! Glad you’re having a good time with your mum – the pictures are wonderful – amazing scenery!

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