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Wonderful day …

Well, the Dragon definitely celebrated her birthday in style this year!  I’ve provided a small sample of snapshots from each part of the day …

We started off by popping into Spotlight to stock up on DMC that Mum needed, along with some fabric to make me some cheap pyjama bottoms … then we parked the car and hopped on the train into the city.  We headed straight to Darling Harbour, starting with the Chinese Garden of Friendship, which Mum really wanted to see during this visit.  They were really lovely to walk around, and we were lucky with the weather, as it had been raining earlier in the day.  It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

Chinese Gardens 1

Next up was back over to Cockle Bay Wharf (still at Darling Harbour) where we headed to the Lindt Cafe to stock up on naughty goodies (I’ve fallen in love with Lindt’s Delices … oh my goodness, they’re divine!!!).  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them before they were demolished, but another blog has a photo here.

Lindt Cafe

Then we popped next door to Nick’s 103 Cafe where Mum had a lovely prawn and avocado salad for lunch.  Here’s a photo of Mum tucking into her lunch, with her Lindt goodie bag sitting under her guard and watchful eye … and even though she doesn’t look it, she’s really enjoying her day out! 😉

Birthday girl 25May08

Afterwards we had to hustle a bit to wander over to the Star City Casino and Lyric Threatre, where we saw the Phantom of the Opera.  What a wonderful show – the stage settings, costumes and music were all truly haunting and magical, and Mum really loved every single minute of it, or so she told me afterwards.  I’ve seen it before, but still really loved it myself … and a couple of the songs never fail to take my breath away! As photography is banned in the theatre, I’ve borrowed these files shots from a Phantom of the Opera website

phantom of the opera logo


After the show we took a slow walk around Darling Harbour and over to the QVB Building to catch the train home while we reminisced about the day and the show.  When we got home we finished the day off with a bit of stitching (on my part anyway), a glass of wine for me and a botte of Corona for Mum, and a couple of episodes of NCIS while munching away on our Lindt delicacies … 

Here’s a quick shot of Cockle Bay Wharf at night:

Darling Harbour at night

And to finish off, here’s my latest photo of my progress on Mirabilia’s Winter Queen (geez, I’m soooo loving that white and Wisper thread … not!).  Sorry she’s now headless, but I can never be bothered unrolling the towel and taking a full photo of her!

Winter Queen 25May08

Ah, such a blissful day … those are the things that dreams are made of!!! 😀

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  1. Happy birthday to your Mum Anne. I bet you and your Mum had a wonderful day. I have seen Phantom myself and loved it enough to see a second time.

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