Bit of Stash and Progress

Not much has been happening over the last 24 hours – Mum and I spent the entire day at home stitching our little hearts out (I didn’t even get out of my PJ’s until we went out to buy petrol at 7.30pm!!!).  I managed to quite a fair bit of stitching done on Mirabilia’s Winter Queen, which seems to be all I’ve been stitching on this month.  It would be lovely to actually get her finished, but I think once I’m back to work again that goal will still be quite some time away.  I’m probably just short of halfway through the stitching (you can see the full piccie in my sidebar).  In the meantime you’ll just have to get bored seeing her skirt in various stages of completion! Although I may soon unroll her and take a full photo … even I haven’t seen her in all her total glory as yet! 😉

Winter Queen 27May08

I’ve decided to take her off the floor stand for a few days, though, so I can work on a couple of smaller items for a short while – including finishing my biscornu, my monthly Christmas ornie, and something I want to stitch as a model for Karen.

Today we’re doing a bit of housework – the washing is in the machine, and the dishes are done, now we’re about to strip my bed and put freshly ironed sheets on … while it’s a pain in a patootie to iron those darned things, it’ll be sheer bliss to slip between them tonight!! They’re pure Egyptian cotton with a very heavy thread count, and unfortunately no polyester so they crease like hell in the washing machine.

Anyway, rather than bore you stupid with our mundane tasks for the day, I’ll leave you with a photo of our spoils from The Stitching Post on Monday … the only things not in the photo are the DMC skeins that Mum bought.  I don’t tend to buy too much these days – although in saying that there are some items on order from Karen that haven’t arrived yet … can’t wait for them to arrive!! 😀

Stash 26May08

6 thoughts on “Bit of Stash and Progress

  1. Wonderful stash haul, and I just love the idea of stitching with your Mum in your PJs all day. Wish I could’ve joined in – my Snoopy PJs are all clean! 😉

    Ironed sheets. Sigh. That sounds so heavenly.

  2. Lovely stash! I’m loving your progress on Winter Queen… makes me want to stitch this too (sans the Wisper thread though… ;))

  3. Shes beautiful Anne. I can’t wait to see her in the full. A whole day stitching … sounds like bliss. I wish! lol

  4. You are making really nice progress on Winter Queen. I don’t mind watching, even if you feel like it’s just monotonous work on her skirt. Nice stash!

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