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Final finish for the weekend

I managed to take a photo of the finished needleroll that I stitched for Karen at The Stitching Post as a model for display – here it is all finished up as an actual needleroll, before I drove it over to Karen on Saturday.

Shepherds Roll by Shepherd's Bush
“Shepherd’s Roll” by Shepherd’s Bush (kit)

I had a good time visiting with my best friend yesterday … although I have to admit those kids are enough to make you want to get your tubes tied!  If I was living with that day in/day out, I’d need to be admitted to a lunatic asylum after a week!!  To say they’re a handful is a true understatement … even my Mum, who has the patience of a saint where kids are concerned, would be ready to throttle Orion by the end of the night!  Brenda and Nigel are already at breaking point after Athena managed to slam the sliding door shut while in ‘locked’ mode and broke the lock, meaning they now have to replace the entire door and doorframe, as it’s an older model and the new locks don’t fit.  Can everyone say “not happy, Jan!!!”? – that’s a much politer version of what actually was being said and thought last night haha. 

Anyway, even with the stresses of the night, it was still nice to see them again, especially wee Jayden the youngest fella, he stole my heart with his big cheesy grin every time he saw me -then he came running up to me at full speed and flung his arms around my legs for a cuddle before heading off to bed.  He’s a real sweetie!  I must admit, though, it was nice to have some ‘adult time’ after 8pm as we settled down to relax in front of a DVD … which means I managed to get a reasonable amount of stitching done too!  I also gave Vicki her stitched gift (you may remember the Calico Crossroads quilted wallhanging I finished before Christmas), and she really liked it a lot.  I also got a belated birthday gift of some scrummy Nelson ice wine and local Extra Virgin olive oil from Nelson as well … all I need now is some Dukkah and I’m set! 😉


Here’s a very poor photo of the whole family as we were settling down to a yummy pork roast dinner – I couldn’t get a decent photo of everyone in the twilight, so I gave up and this was the best of a bad bunch!

As for the stitching, in the end I opted to take a project already started instead of starting yet another new one – I took Lanarte’s Seahorse Collage with me, and got quite a bit done.  Then I sat in front of the goggle box again this morning while watching Series 3 of Black Adder followed by Dante’s Peak, and managed to put the final stitches into this piece.

Seahorse Collage by Lanarte
“Seahorse Collage” by Lanarte (from Sea Life booklet)
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with DMC threads

That might be the last finish for the month, although yesterday I also managed to finish the hemstitching on my Snow Fall needleroll, so there will be a photo of that showing very very soon – just need to whizz up the seam and stuff it! 🙂

Before I forget … I have to say I saw the largest spider I’ve ever seen in my entire life when I got home at midnight last night!  No word of a lie, the leg span would have gone from the tips of my middle finger down the entire length to the base of my palm … I nearly died on the spot!!  As I parked my car I started walking over the grass to the path, and it was sitting on the grass in all its ugly glory – it had a big sac body as well, and its legs could have been half the width of my little finger.  I opted to turn around and move my car quick smart!  But it was so big, I was too scared to get up close to spray it … instead I ran for the safety of my little flat very quickly!!!  I just hope I don’t run into it again any time soon … either that or I hope like hell it’s a fake rubber one that the obnoxious kids downstairs left outside, and it’s not real at all – they’re always leaving bikes etc in the driveway where we’re supposed to be parking our cars 😦

Rightio, on that note, time to toddle off again and go food shopping ready for the upcoming week … time to get back into normal eating habits again! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Final finish for the weekend”

  1. Lol at the spider Anne. Sounds like you are having a ball in Sydney…you deserve it. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog…yes we are well settled in our little house now….it was touch and go there for a wee while, as we had to much stuff to fit in the house. Needless to say the Sallies got a lot of things…but my stash is still intact 🙂

  2. OMW that spider !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a fan of the tiny ones we get here even !!! I think I’d freak LOL
    Love the NR your stitching is beautiful, I really must do one of them sometime !
    You did make me laugh about your time with these children LOL you sound like my sister , mind some days mine make me feel I am going ‘Banana Bonkers’ !!
    Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Beautiful needleroll.

    I don’t like spiders either – it’s the way their legs move independently – real creepy. I’m glad I didn’t bump into your fellow!

  4. Beautiful finishes! Thanks for the email! I have been under the weather, but hope to reply to it after I get home from work this afternoon 😉

  5. I’m laughing at your comments about the kids … it sounds so much like what I imagine friends of mine saying after a visit here. ;0

    That spider story, however, doesn’t make me laugh! I feel like turning on all the lights in the hosue extra-bright just to make sure there are no 8 legged intruders hiding in the corners! UGH!!

    Your stithing is great. That needleroll is lovely!

  6. I love the Sea Life piece – I actually stitched the lighthouse from that chart for a RR that I’m in – I still haven’t stitched any of it for myself.

    The needleroll is gorgeous, Anne!

  7. Beautiful finishes, both of them! How fun that you are model stitching for Karen now. I’m sure that she appreciates the added models for her store. I’m glad that you were able to spend some time with your best friend, as well, even if her kids wore you out. 😉

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