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Ever-growing wishlist!

Well, in fact I can’t say my wishlist is growing much longer, as it’s rare that I find an “absolutely must have” design to add to my wishlist these days (probably more to do with the fact I’m not out looking anymore, rather than not actually liking many haha), but I have to say Sampler Cove have been tempting me more and more these days … I finally succumbed and added the following two goodies to my wishlist – aren’t they great?  And the Rhapsody in Red designs still have a couple more goodies yet to come to make up a gorgeous set of stitching accessories (including a bag to carry them in) … cool, or what? And the design Spanish Bleu is just scrummy (perhaps more ‘cos it’s blue!!).

sampler cove-rhapsody in red 2 sampler cove-spanish bleu

Of course I absolutely ADORE the new threadpack design “My Needle’s Work” from LHN that is an absolute MUST have

lhn-my needles work

Not to mention the recent tea/coffee designs (already on the wishlist, but I felt like sharing)

lhn-herbal tea lhn-iced tea lhn-spiced tea lhn-caffe latte lhn-cappuccino lhn-frappuccino

Not to mention the new designs from With My Needle as well … 

wmn-quaker turtles wmn-maidens of the sea

Plus I love this older design – which has been tentatively suggested for a friendship round robin at some stage

wmn-ackworth friendship book

And talking of older designs, here are a couple more by With My Needle that I really like:

wmn-quaker pattern book wmn-quaker samplings

Hmmm, perhaps there is just no hope for me! 😉

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the non-stitching side of me, my latest challenge is to get fitter and lose weight, and 4 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers again. The diet has been a bit tough while being so sick of late, but I had my weigh-in yesterday and over the last month I’ve lost a total of 2.4kg, so I’m pretty thrilled with that.

I’ve been getting up early every morning this week and walking on the beachfront for 30-40 minutes each day – this morning I reached the beach and the heavens started to open … my thought process was: hmmm, I have a couple of choices – 1) go home and pick up my raincoat, but then I know I’ll never leave home again, and by the time I get home I’ll be a drowned rat anyway … or 2) just keep on walking, come home like a drowned rat, but at least a drowned rat who’s had a good exercise session! Well, I chose the latter, and I have to admit I think I was a bit mental!!! haha. Drowned rat is a total understatement – I popped into Coles on the way home for some grocery items and left little puddles everywhere … I don’t remember ever being that drenched … but I have to admit I felt really good for doing it!! 😀

drowned rat

And on that note, it’s time to hit the hay as I have a big weekend on this weekend … housework and clearing out the garage so we can get the car in, plus starting my CA Wells pieces – not necessarily in that order! 😉

9 thoughts on “Ever-growing wishlist!”

  1. I love those two Sampler Cove designs too! Congratulations on the weight loss – I love walking in the rain so would have done the same thing 🙂

  2. That’s a lot of weight to lose – congratulations! 🙂

    Gorgeous stuff there on your wishlist – a lot of it on mine too! And you could easily do Rhapsody in Red in blue. Am I right in thinking it’s only two colours?

  3. I do try not to look at things but now and again I get the urge.

    Congratulations on the WW, there’s nothing better than walking, rain or no rain.

  4. That stash wish list could do some serious damage! Rhapsody in Red is absolutely gorgeous and those little turtles are so cute.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love the Rhapsody in Red designs, partially because I’m developing a red fetish and partially because of the ruched ribbon they used for the edges. I really need to try that technique at some point! I also like the basket full of turtles. Too cute! Great items to add to your wishlist.

  6. Hi Anne, actually I have two “Maidens of the Sea” (owing to my own total incompetence in remembering what I have ordered) – I’ll put one in the mail to you, I had actually been thinking of you as someone who would like that. I warn you, the little fish are seriously adorable. Lucky you having rain, we are on serious water restrictions now, the mains are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for twelve hours at a time, IF the supply holds out.

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