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Stashing instead of stitching

My needles were given a rest, aside from putting a handful of stitches into Lanarte’s Sea Life WIP from quite some time ago (which means I’m now approx halfway through finishing the first design) – it’s hardly worth taking a photo, so instead I’ll share the stash bounty I came home with from a visit to Karen at The Stitching Post … as always, it was a wonderful flying visit (but not so ‘flying’ that I couldn’t come home with a bag full of goodies haha).  Here are my spoils (I can’t be bothered laying them out to take a photo, so here are some from my wishlist album etc):

Chatelaine – Mini Mandalas II; Nantucket Violet Basket & Stitcher’s Toys
Country Cottage Needleworks – Cherry Hill
Little House Needleworks – Schoolgirl Lessons; Blossoms & Blackbirds; Home of a Needleworker (too!)
Just Nan – When Barnabee Met Bella (biscornu)

chatelaine0minimandalas2-1700 chatelaine0nantucketvioletbasketandstitcherstoys2100 ccn-cherry_hill lhn-schoolgirl lessons lhn-blossoms & blackbirds lhn-home of a needleworker jn-when barnabee met bella biscornu

I also have the pleasure of having the wee Bella bee on loan while I do the stitching and finishing as a shop model for Karen – it is really cute in real life, and it will be lovely to see it all finished.

jn-barnabee's bride bella

The other stash hasn’t arrived yet, and that is a computer download chart direct from Martina at Chatelaine – Mermaid Box and treasures … I couldn’t wait for this one to come out as a printed chart, and I’ve been in love with this ever since I first lay eyes on it, so soon it will be mine, all mine 🙂

chatelaine-mermaid treasure box

Lucky last, Mum asked me to order some Flossaway bags etc for her from the US, so I placed a small ‘extra’ order at the same time from Needlecraft Corner for the following (the Christmas ones are for both Mum and I to enjoy) with my birthday discount:

The Cat’s Whiskers – Happy Holidays
The Sweetheart Tree – Queens Strawberry fob; Rhodes Butterfly fob; Blackberry fob
The Trilogy – Ornamentology
CCN – Sunflower Sampler
JBW Designs – Christmas Keepsakes II

happy holidays-the cat's whiskers teenietweenie0queensstrawberryfob800 teenietweenie0rhodesbutterflyfob800 sv-t94 ornamentology-the triology ccn-sunflower sampler jbw-christmas keepsakes ii

Rightio, time to race, as I need to do a quick spot of tidying up before heading to the other side of Sydney to see my best friend – I didn’t make it out there yesterday as the drive to the Stitching Post tired me out (the final stages of my bugs, I think, is that I tire really quickly still, and I could hardly keep my eyes open when I got home).  Then I need to kit up something relatively easy to stitch to take with me … I’m tossing up between the following (oh decisions, decisions!):

  • Just Nan – Beach Roses
  • LHN – Blossoms & Blackbirds
  • LHN – Melon threadpack
  • Drawn Thread – Sunflower Sampler

8 thoughts on “Stashing instead of stitching”

  1. OK Anne….*next* time you go out stashing, let me know and I’ll come with you. I’ve only been to the Stitching Post once! Love all your stash…I’m pea-green with jealousy! 🙂

  2. Hi Anne, my “When Bella Met Barnabee” arrived on Friday from the US, I adore this one, and can hardly wait for my Bella Bee to arrive as well. You’ve given me some more good ideas for stash enhancement too! I’m glad to hear you are getting over the bug, it sounds horrid, but look after yourself and don’t overdo it!

  3. I, too, am lusting after the mermaid box. I promised myself I could order it just as soon as I finish part one of Hawaiian Mandala.

  4. Hi Anne, fabulous stashing! Love your choices. BTW, I never did get the chart you had sent. I don’t know what has happenend.

  5. Fabulous stash! I’ve got the Mermaid Treasure Box started. I need to get back to it. You will love all the blues in it!

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