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Piccies of finishes … and a Frangipani plant

As promised a few days ago, here are my photos of recent finishes:

Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 32ct Golden Harvest linen by Silkweaver
with recommended threads

Blueberries by Little House Needleworks & Crescent Colours
Stitched on 32ct cream Belfast linen
with recommended threads

Also, here is LHN’s Sampler Lady in all her topless work-in-progress glory … she’s still waiting for her blouse to be finished, the poor love – it’s a good job the weather’s still warm down here in Sydney!!! 😉


Next up is a photo for Mum of my wee $9.95 Frangipani tree in its pot on the balcony – as you can see it has some company in the form of fresh herbs … I just adore those blue pots!!  No flowers on the frangipani yet, but a new leaf has grown, plus it’s a wee bit taller than when we first arrived.  My other (first) Frangipani plant isn’t doing too well since having its top knocked off by Nigel and Brenda’s dog, but I live in hope it might perk up a bit more by next summer before I replace it with something else.


Lucky last is my ‘new’ smalls display in the new flat – complete with my Wessex sampler on the wall – this place is fantastic for all the wall hooks!!


And I’ll finish my post there.  Since being sick I haven’t had chance to do housework for two weeks, but once caught up I’ll take piccies of the new abode now we’re almost 100% unpacked (aside from the boxes in my bedroom of ‘unimportant stuff’).

Talking of which, I ended up leaving work early yesterday ‘cos I felt grotty (I survived an entire 1 1/2 hours!), and am now on antibiotics for about 13 days compliments of a local GP … fingers crossed it does the trick! 🙂

The other thing I haven’t spoken about is the excruciating heel pain I’ve been having over the last few months – it’s good to know my self-diagnosis was correct, and I have likely got plantar fascitis (spelling?).  I’ve been applying ice packs and anti-inflammatories when it’s been really bad, and have since bought some orthotics for padding the heel that’ve been working a treat.  Fingers crossed that my heel pains will soon be a thing of the past (or at least I won’t be woken up in the middle of the night from the throbbing pain!!).

Rightio, time to go chill out again … I’m doing my online things in short bursts …

19 thoughts on “Piccies of finishes … and a Frangipani plant”

  1. Your smalls look great………….. and how wonderful to have wall hooks as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of the new place. 13 days of antibiotics sounds horrible, poor you, and the heel pain too, that sounds dreadful.

  2. Lovely finsihes Anne and the smalls display is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon and the heel pain goes. During my episode of similar pain last year I was told a cold can of coke or something similar rolled under the foot was really good for the pain.

  3. Lovely finishes Anne! Your display of finishes looks great too – lots of blue there 😉

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  4. All your finishes are lovely Anne, I love your smalls display. I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and you start feeling better

  5. You have some beautiful finishes!

    Ouch…plantar fasciitis 😦 I have had that for a few years now. I would highly recommend checking out a pair of Birkenstocks. They aren’t the prettiest shoes to look at, but the cork footbed molds to your foot and is just like an orthotic. I have a pair of Birki sandals that I only wear in the house (no bare feet) and swear by them!

  6. Hi Anne, I love your finishes. Love the little display of plants and your framed stitching and baskets of pretties are just gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your new abode.

  7. Love your finishes and your display is beautiful Anne, wish I had one like that !! Hope you are much much better now and all ready for a Happy Easter :)) Take care

  8. That Winter Wonderland looks familiar – I had a finish just like it recently 😉

    Love the display od smalls and the sampler. And hope you’re feeling better by now 🙂

  9. Beautiful finishes and I hope you’re feeling better by now. Your blue pots are lovely as is the stitching display!

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