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A Meme

This has been drafted up for a while now … time to let it see daylight (although I had to change my birth year to add on a number, it’s been sitting as a draft for so long!). 

As seen on numerous blogs – you just have to answer the questions and type your answer into Google Images search.  Then post a photo from the first results page.  Here are my answers:

Age you will be on your next birthday

meme 43

Place you would like to visit

meme phuket

One of your favourite places

meme paris

Your favourite object

meme duck

Your favourite food

meme prawns

Your favourite animal

meme tigetr

Your favourite colour

meme blue

Name of a past pet

meme rio 2

Where you live

meme sydney

1st grade teacher’s last name

Can’t answer as I don’t have any memory of my childhood prior to the age of 10!

Middle name

meme brooke

Bad habit of yours

meme procrastination

Favourite flower

meme frangipani

Favourite holiday

meme greece

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