Awesome mail days

As mentioned previously, I received some stunning birthday gifts from my stitching friends … unfortunately the thank you emails seem to have disappeared into the ether, so I will write some more again shortly.  That will teach me for trying to use Iinet’s mail gateway while at work … every other time I’d tried to use it I’d get an error message, except that day, but obviously the work firewall or something didn’t like it!).  I’ve had most of this post drafted since 28 February, but was having uploading problems so I gave up … then haven’t touched my laptop for 2 weeks … hmmm.

Anyway, without further do, I’ll show you my birthday gifts from my very special friends – and they can be put out of their misery wondering whether they arrived.  I will write full thank you emails tomorrow, as the screen is giving me a headache (am now on antibiotics from the doctor as from today, yay!!). 

First up is Sharon’ H‘s gift – this arrived the earliest, but I kept forgetting to bring it home from work to take a photo!!  Isn’t this the cutest book you’ve ever seen?  And so perfect for a duck lover like myself … I just love it, and laughed and laughed when I first opened it!  Thanks Sharon, you’re the best!! 😀


Then next came Nicki L with a real bundle of joy in the mail!  (Thanks also for bringing it to my attention at work that my emails had not got through!)  Not only did Nicki send a couple of gorgeous LHN charts (which I adore), but also some threads off my wishlist and some exquisite blue quilting fabrics … my head is already thinking of projects to use these in, including the possibility of a scrap quilt or bag – the hardest decision will be deciding!  I have to admit, KarenV had sent me the chart Winter Wonderland last year, but it was high on my list for stitching, and receiving it from Nicki too was the final spur to get those needles cracking.  Thanks again Nicki for your very generous gifts, I adore everything! 🙂


Then last, but not least, is Carol S‘s gift … the envelope was brimming to the top with exquisite goodies – my eyes got wider and wider as everything was being pulled out of the parcel!  Carol sent the most beautiful biscornu with a design by Just Nan … I can’t believe Carol used to be scared of finishing smalls, but now she is the Queen of finishing!!!  The biscornu is absolutely exquisite!  That would have been plenty enough, but she also sent an issue of JCS with part 1 of a NZ sampler in it, some choccies which arrived with perfect timing, as since then I’ve signed up for Weight Watchers again haha … some chocolate-covered Altoid mints (which are to die for!), and some lovely hand cream and quilting fabric.  Talk about being spoiled rotten!!!  Thank you so much Carol for everything – you rock!!! 😀



* * * * * * * * * * 

Since the above was drafted, more gifts were also received from Barbara and Katrina … I have to apologise to Katrina J, as I can’t find the photo I thought I’d taken, and I’ve since put the threads away, but she sent some gorgeous blue variegated threads … just perfect for this blue girl!  You have awesome taste, my friend, that’s for sure!! 🙂

From Barbara CL I received a beautiful friendship card, as well as some scrummy blue thread with matching silk ribbon, plus the most awesome duck ribbon for embellishing … thanks so much Barbara for your thoughtful gifts!  Once again, I love everything!!  Thankfully the guys at Customs didn’t like it quite as much as I did and they decided not to keep anything after they opened the envelope for inspection!!


In fact, thanks to all my wonderful online friends for their generous gifts – you helped to make my birthday extra special, and I absolutely adore each and every gift!! 😀

Now it’s time to go take some more Nurofen and get into bed – I’ll get back online again tomorrow for my thank you emails and a stitching update.

8 thoughts on “Awesome mail days”

  1. I’m so glad my wee gift arrived – I’d begun to think it had been lost; but had never dreamed customs would be interested in it. There wasn’t anything scented or anything.

    LOVE those wacky ducks you got from Sharon! All your gifts are great, and so “you”!!

  2. Oh what a relief! I was so afraid that package had gone missing in the postal service, as so many others have! {{{BIG HUGS}}}!!

  3. Those are great birthday gifts you received. I’m sorry that I didn’t get anything out to you this year, but next year should be a better one. 😉

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