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An unexpected stitchy day

I have the weekend to myself this weekend, as Lisa headed off to Melbourne in the wee small hours of this morning and won’t be back until Monday … I thought I’d have a lazy start to the day by laying in bed and catching up on a couple of blogs, when I heard the doorbell go and the screen door open … not expecting anyone I threw my dressing gown on and padded out to the front door to see a strange lady standing there with bags in her hands (I say strange because she is an unknown lady, and not because she’s weird at all! haha).  Thinking she’s trying to sell something I am a bit tentative in my greeting … but she announces “hi, I’m Robyn!”.  The penny then dropped as to who this lady was – I was driving her to our stitching day down south … but the only problem is the stitching day is tomorrow, not today!

I felt so sorry for the poor love, but I quickly threw on some clothes and made us a cup of coffee and we shared nibblies over a coffee and talked.  Robyn had the ‘honour’ of being shown all my stitching works in progress and finished items, which always breaks the ice when meeting new people.  We ended up chatting the morning away and Robyn didn’t leave until lunchtime – it was wonderful!  It is always so nice to meet fellow stitchers, and discuss stitching loves in the way of fabrics and designers and just stitching chat in general.  What an unexpected and pleasant way to spend the morning!  And the best thing is we get to do it all over again tomorrow! 🙂

I think I’ll spend the next hour going for a walk up the beach, before having my shower and getting ready to head into the city.  I was hoping to spend the morning finally setting up a CA Wells project for stitching, but having an unexpected stitching visit was way more fun! 😀

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve picked up a needle … I haven’t touched my stitching since finishing the stitching on Karen’s Shepherd’s Roll needleroll, which is soooooo unlike me!  I haven’t had the urge to stitch whatsoever, perhaps because there is still so much clutter to be unpacked and sorted in my bedroom … and I think that’s cluttering my brain.  I also haven’t really felt like blogging, or even reading blogs.  Once I feel more settled and under control with the unpacking I might be ready to tackle some more stitching projects and get back into a routine once again.  The problem is the CA Wells class is in about 8 weeks time and I haven’t even started yikes!  Oh well, no point stressing about it … I might stitch some calico onto the edges of Sailor’s Valentine and take it with me to the stitching day tomorrow, as that could be relatively easy to stitch – either that or take a freebie along … perhaps that should be a priority for me right now instead of sitting at the laptop hmmm …

Rightio, time to pull finger out and get into my stitching stash and kit something up for tomorrow … the walk will have to wait!!  I’m now on a stitching mission … kind of …

Then I’m heading into the city to have dinner with friends Brenda and Kerrie before we see the Sound of Music stage show – it should be a fun night!

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