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Ripped off … Sound of Music

OK, now I feel quite disappointed … I just jumped online to work out how to get to the State Theatre in the city, only to find out I’m actually going to a sing-along Sound of Music, not a live show! 😦

One of the guys at work laughed that that’s probably where I was going, but I’d never heard of the sing-along before … people go in dressed as nuns etc (which now explains why Brenda asked if I’d got my Nun’s outfit ready yesterday!!!).  I must say I feel really really disappointed … I was looking forward to seeing a live show, not paying $50 to watch a movie on the big screen with people screaming their lungs out 😦

In my day I have paid on numerous occasions to get dressed up and go to a stage show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but never in my wildest dreams would I have considered doing this to the Sound of Music … mutter mutter mutter.

Note to self … whenever Brenda invites you to anything, find out what it actually IS before coughing up the money!!  As it is it took me ages to get the details of the show out of her, ie venue etc – I only found out on Thursday afternoon, after having the tickets booked since November … ho-hum … good thing I’m not going to be driving tonight, I think some serious drinking might be in order before the show!!!  I am soooo not in the mood for this now … mind you, that normally means I’ll enjoy myself because I don’t have high expectations for the night! 😉

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